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Year 6

Eyes Down and Look In! It's Time for April Bingo!

Get ready to laugh your socks off...or not!

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Miss Hulland's Easter jokes

It's the Easter Holidays!

As many of you know, I have been trying to learn Spanish.  See if you can work out what I am saying!


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And if you couldn't work out what I was saying...


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to send us your videos of you saying "hello", or anything else you wish to, in a different language.  We will add these to the link just below.  Check out Lucy and Bobby!

Cantonese from Miss Hulland

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...and the translation!

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Firstly, a huge well done to everybody (children and adults) for surviving the first few weeks of home learning. You are all showing amazing resilience, and you have blown us away with all of your hard work and enthusiasm.  Please keep sending us updates on what you are doing: we have loved receiving all of the photos, videos and messages from you all.


We know that you are probably all looking forward to the Easter holidays and having a break from school, but we are also aware that with 2 weeks at home you might need some extra entertaining! 


Don't forget the April Bingo challenge that started on Wednesday, and also in the link below are some fabulous ideas to help keep you busy: a maths mystery of the Easter bunny costume (we know you love doing these maths mystery activities in school), art drawing activities, the National Trust getting in touch with nature activities, egg science experiments for the home, a wellbeing bingo and even an indoor scavenger hunt.  These are all OPTIONAL activities.


Make sure that you continue to enjoy the sunshine and try and get out in the garden.  But what if it is raining?  Joe Wicks might be taking a break, so why not use Just Dance videos on the internet?  Or why not complete your daily fitness circuits routine that we set a few weeks ago? Or why not try the attached activities from Dorset School Games (snakes and ladders)?


Mr Pask has also been busy and to work those brains, he has compiled some short quizzes for the whole family to do together.  These will be sent to you via ParentMail every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the Easter break.  Answers will also be included (so you can self-mark the quiz afterwards – but no cheating!). 


Stay safe and be kind to each other.

We miss you all and we’re sending lots of love and positive thoughts.


If you have any queries, please contact your child's teacher.

Miss Hulland's Midweek Question Time

More from Monkey World!

As 6SW are enjoying learning about their adopted gibbon, check out Miss Hulland's photo of Monkey World's Gordon the orang-utan on their website, being used to promote International Orang-utan Day on 19th August!



Click on the link to take you to two tasks about following the rules of isolation.  Follow the rules to help understand why the government are asking us to FOLLOW THE RULES. 

The answers will be uploaded next week but in the meantime see what answers you get when people choose to follow the rules or when people choose to ignore the rules.

Jack has been following the rules - here are his answers

Ellen has also been busy following the rules! Well done :-)


During the time that school is closed, we are setting you a selection of random challenges to try and complete.  Some will be easier than others and some will need you to be extra creative.  When we get back to school, house points and raffle tickets will be awarded.


For each challenge, you can write a quick note explaining what you did and/or take photos evidencing that you have completed it.  Any work can be emailed to your teacher (and maybe even shared on our class webpage).



  • You must provide some evidence – written, photographic, or an adult comment/signature.
  • Before completing each task, ask permission of an adult at home.
  • You can work together with the people at home but you MUST help those people to complete the challenge.
  • For each challenge, you need to demonstrate a Take Care Approach ensuring that you are always respectful towards others.
  • THIS CHALLENGE is solely based on having FUN!

What Your Child Was Learning in the Spring Term?

Class Teachers: Miss Wise, Miss Hulland.

Teaching Assistants: Miss Cooper, Mr Pask.


Please scroll to the bottom of this page for information on the Y6 SATs in May, and websites (some interactive with videos) that could help with consolidating any learning.


Although we have lots of fun things happening this term, we can't shy away from the 'SATs'.  The first week back after half term, the children sat their mock SATs tests all in preparation for their tests in May.  This allowed them to familiarise themselves with the format of the tests and the timings associated with each.  We were very proud of them and all of the children have been given the results of each test.


We look forward to another fun-filled, productive and busy term ahead with our wonderful Year 6 children.  We continue to have high expectations.  As the oldest pupils in the school, Year 6's take on additional responsibilities. One of the most significant is acting as Buddies for Reception  pupils. Every Year 6 pupil is assigned a Reception pupil and it is their role to help and encourage their Buddy. Year 6 pupils respond very positively to this, rising to the challenge of setting a good example and ensuring that their Buddies settle in well.


We focus a lot on independence in Year 6 and parental support with this skill is crucial. Please ensure the children are taking responsibility for their homework, belongings and for making sure everything they need for their learning is in school on the days required.

Year 6 children should come to school equipped for their learning, this includes always having their book bag in school; their pencil case with a handwriting pen and pencil; their reading books and reading records. Although the school does provide some stationery, children are encouraged to be responsible for it and any losses or misuse by the children will mean they have to buy a replacement. 

They must also ensure they have their PE kit in school every day, as if it rains on our PE day, we will try to do PE on a different day.


Dates for your Diary:


Thursday 2 April - last day of term

Friday 3 April - INSET day   

Monday 20 April - return to school. 




Homework is set weekly on a Monday and to be handed in on the Friday.  The children will be given a small maths homework and small grammar homework.  We would like to ask that all children also read daily, practise their spellings from the lists that will be issued, and practise their times tables. The children will be investigating and practising spelling throughout the week in school; they will have a spelling test each fortnight (selected from a list that will be issued fortnightly). If you wish to do any additional Maths or Grammar work at home, please see our year group page on our school website, which has many links to online games and activities.


Reading is the key to ALL learning and it is even more important as children get older that they continue to read, as often they do not read to their grown-ups as frequently as they did further down the school. We encourage children to read their school reading books as well as material which they find interesting e.g. The Echo, a magazine or a book on a topic of interest to them as well as their school reading book. We encourage children to record any of their reading in their reading record themselves.


The children have been issued with a spelling log book, which can also be used for messages to and from home.


Spelling Lists

Spelling Y5/6 Lists

In Years 5 and 6, the following spelling rules and patterns will be taught:

  • Words ending -cious and -tious such as 'delicious' and 'superstitious'
  • Words ending -cial and -tial such as 'special' and 'partial'
  • Words ending -ant, -ance and -ancy such as 'hesitant', 'hesitance' and 'hesitancy'
  • Words ending -ent, -ence and -ency such as ‘patient’, ‘patience’ and ‘frequency’
  • Words ending -able / -ably and -ible / -ibly such as 'comfortable' / 'comfortably' and 'horrible' / 'horribly'
  • Adding -ing / -ed to words ending -fer, for example: 'prefer', 'preferring' and 'preferred'
  • Use of the hyphen, for example: 'co-ordinate', 're-enter'
  • Words containing ie / ei, for example: 'piece' and 'ceiling'
  • Words containing ough and looking at the different sounds this grapheme makes in different words, for example: 'enough', 'through', 'although', 'plough'
  • Silent letters in words such as 'doubt', 'thistle' and 'knight'
  • Homophones (words which sound the same but are spelled differently) for example: 'principle' and 'principal


The lists below are words that your child will be learning to spell throughout their time at Chickerell School. These lists are a mixture of words that we encourage children to use in their writing and words they can often misspell. The words run alongside other spelling objectives that we cover as part of our spelling lessons.

KS2 SATs 2020

The Year 6 KS2 SATs will be administered in the week commencing 11 May 2020. The timetable is as follows:


Monday 11 May 2020 and  
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions 
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling 

Tuesday 12 May 2020

English reading


Wednesday 13 May 2020 
Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic 
Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning


Thursday 14 May 2020 
Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning


SATs tests have been designed to give a measure of attainment in three subjects areas: 

  • reading 
  • maths 
  • spelling, punctuation and grammar

These tests are set and marked externally, and the results are used to measure the school’s performance (for example, through reporting to Ofsted and published league tables). Your child’s marks are used, in conjunction with their teacher's assessment, to give a broad picture of their levels of attainment.


Dr. Ken's Amazing Science Circus

Thank you to Mr Broom and Mrs Galloway for organising a wonderful day of Science with Dr. Ken on Tuesday 14th January. After wowing us with his circus skills, he then worked with different Year Groups to teach them about different aspects of scientific enquiry. Year 6 children enjoyed a range of light investigations which will be developed in their 'Light and How We See' topic this half term.

Creative Art Using Recycled Materials

We are very proud of our finished sculpture! Linked to our learning about ancient civilisations in History, we have recreated Tutankhamun's burial mask using only recycled materials: cardboard, plastic containers, aluminium foil, vinyl and a coat hanger! Thank you to everyone who donated items and to our amazing Year 6 students for your contributions. A special thank you for Miss Cooper for coordinating the project and Mr Pask for his valuable assistance. 

Scientific Bread Investigation

In Science, all children in Year 6 are currently learning about Classification of Living Things. For our study of micro-organisms, we are investigating the conditions needed for micro-organisms to grow on bread. Our children are monitoring the microbial growth at intervals, after placing their bread (in sealed bags!) in different places in the classroom depending on the conditions. 

6DH checked their bread on 5.12.19 - after 10 days - and we observed different stages of microbial growth. We will continue to monitor the bread until the end of this term. Sandwiches, anyone?!

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Picture 11

Community Christmas Party

Preparations are underway for our annual Community Christmas Party. Year 6 children have been as busy as Santa's elves designing and making the invitations - each one truly unique with their finger printing skills. Here are a selection of 6DH's wonderful creations. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Walking With My Iguana by Brian Moses

Following our enjoyment of reading poetry by Michael Rosen, we have enjoyed another poet - Brian Moses. In groups, we discussed how we'd like to perform his poem Walking With My Iguana and collaborated to create a performance. We hope you enjoy listening to us!

DH's group Iguana.mp3

RG's group Iguana.mp3

RR's group Iguana.mp3

ZM's group Iguana.mp3

BB's group Iguana.mp3

'Snow is...' - a metaphor poem by 6DH

All Year 6 children have been busy writing poems this week. Children in 6DH collaborated to write group verses to describe snow using metaphors and then we created a class poem. We hope you enjoy it.

Snow is... by 6DH

Fun with finger printing for our Christmas Coffee morning later this term

Poetry Inspiration

After sharing our visiting poet Rachel Rooney's 'Russian Doll' poem with 6DH, Miss Hulland was delighted to be shown this fabulous Russian doll - it kept going forever! Thank you for sharing such a special possession. 

Picture 1

Children in Need 2019

On Friday 15th November we once again raised money for Children in Need, helping to raise more than £260 by wearing Pudsey clothes or by dressing up in their aspirational career costumes. In 6DH we had a wide-range of career choices: from fashion designers to a nursery nurse; a pilot to a racing car designer; a chef, a beautician, footballers, a mountain climber, an electrician, an artist, a teacher, a singer, a dancer and a soldier. Wonderful aspirations!

Picture 1

History Afternoon 14.11.19

A massive thank you for your wonderful efforts in ensuring that our History afternoon was a success. Our Year 6 children were invited to dress up in the finest ancient Egyptian costumes and the afternoon session was attended by a record number of parents. As always, we thank you for your continued support - and 6DH Mums we loved your Walk Like An Egyptian dance moves! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Michael Rosen Trip 11/11/19

On Monday 11th, Years 5 and 6 visited Weymouth Pavilion for a thrilling performance by Michael Rosen, the famous children’s poet and author.  Michael delighted the audience with his hilarious poems and childhood stories, and gave seriously good tips on how to write poetry. After the show, Michael met some of the children and signed the books they had bought.  Here's some of our comments about the performance:


It was humorous. I was constantly in stitches of laughter.  Ava


It was really enjoyable and I couldn’t take my eyes off the show!  Sadie.


We couldn’t believe that the show was over so quickly – an hour just flew by!


His expression and the way he acted on stage was entertaining.  Neneh.


He was inspiring.  I couldn’t believe how brave he was to stand up in front of hundreds of children.  Anaya.


Michael was so entertaining. His facial expressions were fantastic – even from a distance I could see him clearly.  Oskar


I loved how the audience were part of the show.  We took part and performed his poetry with him.  It was fun!  Lucy

Listening Lions by Michael Rosen - performed by class 6SW

Learning Target: to perform a poem using a variety of techniques.

We thought about why we enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen performing his many poems, and wrote a ‘checklist’ for a really great poetry performance. Then we listened to Michael on his own video of 'Top Tips'. Using all these tips, we worked in groups to practise and then perform one of his poems: Listening Lions. We had a lot of fun in the process.

Michael Rosen's Listening Lions read by 6DH

Prior to our visit on Monday 11th November to see Michael Rosen, we studied a variety of his poems. 'Listening Lions' is in contrast to his usual comedic poetry. Josh said that the poem made him think about World War 1 and Jasmine commented that they could be listening to homeless people. We hope you enjoy our reading of the poem which we recorded using the Voice Memo iPad app.

Don't by 6SW

We enjoyed reading Michael Rosen's poem 'DON'T' and wrote our own rhyming nonsense lines. Here are our favourite lines performed as a class.

Creative Curriculum in 6DH

Linking our learning about ancient civilisations with art, we have made our own papyrus. Over the next few weeks, we will develop our drawing skills and use these to draw and paint images of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and hieroglyphics on to the papyrus.

Maths Challenge 2019

On Thursday, a group of Year 6 visited Budmouth for the annual Maths Challenge. Lucas, Serren, Jason, Belle, Sadie and Samuel were our school representatives for this challenge.

The children enjoyed the morning out at Budmouth and walked very sensibly to and from the school. The first challenge involved code breaking using multiplication skills. The group worked very well together, finishing incredibly quickly. The logic challenge and 3-digit challenge, where different number combinations had to be made, also proved successful. Working together, the team managed to win these challenges within their group. This proved to be particularly popular, with the children enjoying this the most.

The final challenge, a number relay, was the most challenging for the group, with this being particularly hard at the start. However, as time went on the team got into a good routine and achieved a good number of points. This contributed to the overall finish of 3rd out of 9 – a superb achievement.

Samuel said, “It was a memorable event which tested our minds to their fullest.”

Serren added, “I thought some of the tasks stretched us; we stayed together as a team and pulled through.”

Mr Pask, who went with the team, said, “They all did themselves and the school proud. They stayed as a team, even when things got particularly challenging. They should be very proud.”

Class Charters

Each class has selected Articles from the United Nations Rights of the Child and worked collaboratively to identify how these Articles can be agreed and implemented at school. 





Websites for online History Treasure Hunt