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Year 6

Class Teachers: Miss Wise, Miss Hulland.

Teaching Assistants: Miss Cooper, Mr Pask.


Welcome to all parents of Year 6 children. We look forward to meeting and working with you to provide a happy and productive year for your child whilst they are with us. The autumn term is always a busy term and we have many exciting events planned.  We look forward to working with you to provide a happy, inspiring and productive year for your child. 


We have high expectations of all our in Year 6. They will have the opportunity to take on many responsibilities and they will be introduced to their reception buddies this half term.


We focus a lot on independence in Year 6 and parental support with this skill is crucial. Please ensure the children are taking responsibility for their homework, belongings and for making sure everything they need for their learning is in school on the days required.

Year 6 children should come to school equipped for their learning, this includes always having their book bag in school; their pencil case with a handwriting pen and pencil; their reading books and reading records. Although the school does provide some stationery, children are encouraged to be responsible for it and any loses or misuse by the children will mean they have to buy a replacement. 

They must also ensure they have their PE kit in school for lessons, which normally take place on Mondays and Tuesdays.



The children in Y6 have the pleasure of being buddies with a Reception child. They have met their buddies now, and will visit them weekly on Thursday afternoons, enjoying and learning a variety of activities together.  



Harvest was a huge success. Many thanks for your everyone's generosity. We had a wealth of food and delivered to the vulnerable and elderly in our local community as well as to the local food bank, helping those in need.  


Maths Challenge 2019

On Thursday, a group of Year 6 visited Budmouth for the annual Maths Challenge. Lucas, Serren, Jason, Belle, Sadie and Samuel were our school representatives for this challenge.

The children enjoyed the morning out at Budmouth and walked very sensibly to and from the school. The first challenge involved code breaking using multiplication skills. The group worked very well together, finishing incredibly quickly. The logic challenge and 3-digit challenge, where different number combinations had to be made, also proved successful. Working together, the team managed to win these challenges within their group. This proved to be particularly popular, with the children enjoying this the most.

The final challenge, a number relay, was the most challenging for the group, with this being particularly hard at the start. However, as time went on the team got into a good routine and achieved a good number of points. This contributed to the overall finish of 3rd out of 9 – a superb achievement.

Samuel said, “It was a memorable event which tested our minds to their fullest.”

Serren added, “I thought some of the tasks stretched us; we stayed together as a team and pulled through.”

Mr Pask, who went with the team, said, “They all did themselves and the school proud. They stayed as a team, even when things got particularly challenging. They should be very proud.”

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Class Charters

Each class has selected Articles from the United Nations Rights of the Child and worked collaboratively to identify how these Articles can be agreed and implemented at school. 







Homework is set weekly on a Monday and to be handed in on the Friday.  The children will be given a small maths homework and small grammar homework.  We would like to ask that all children also read daily, practise their spellings from the lists that will be issued, and practise their times tables. The children will be investigating and practising spelling throughout the week in school; they will have a spelling test each fortnight (selected from a list that will be issued fortnightly). If you wish to do any additional Maths or Grammar work at home, please see our year group page on our school website, which has many links to online games and activities.


Reading is the key to ALL learning and it is even more important as children get older that they continue to read, as often they do not read to their grown-ups as frequently as they did further down the school. We encourage children to read their school reading books as well as material which they find interesting e.g. The Echo, a magazine or a book on a topic of interest to them as well as their school reading book. We encourage children to record any of their reading in their reading record themselves.


The children have been issued with a spelling log book, which can also be used for messages to and from home.

Spelling Y5/6 Lists

In Years 5 and 6, the following spelling rules and patterns will be taught:

  • Words ending -cious and -tious such as 'delicious' and 'superstitious'
  • Words ending -cial and -tial such as 'special' and 'partial'
  • Words ending -ant, -ance and -ancy such as 'hesitant', 'hesitance' and 'hesitancy'
  • Words ending -ent, -ence and -ency such as ‘patient’, ‘patience’ and ‘frequency’
  • Words ending -able / -ably and -ible / -ibly such as 'comfortable' / 'comfortably' and 'horrible' / 'horribly'
  • Adding -ing / -ed to words ending -fer, for example: 'prefer', 'preferring' and 'preferred'
  • Use of the hyphen, for example: 'co-ordinate', 're-enter'
  • Words containing ie / ei, for example: 'piece' and 'ceiling'
  • Words containing ough and looking at the different sounds this grapheme makes in different words, for example: 'enough', 'through', 'although', 'plough'
  • Silent letters in words such as 'doubt', 'thistle' and 'knight'
  • Homophones (words which sound the same but are spelled differently) for example: 'principle' and 'principal


The lists below are words that your child will be learning to spell throughout their time at Chickerell School. These lists are a mixture of words that we encourage children to use in their writing and words they can often misspell. The words run alongside other spelling objectives that we cover as part of our spelling lessons.


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