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Continuous Provision

We are excited to share with you that, from this year, we have made some changes to the provision for our children moving into Year 1, and beyond. We believe it is important that the children have the opportunity to work as a whole class and to work closely in groups, with an adult, to support them in the progress of their core and foundation subject knowledge and skills. We also believe it is vital that the children are still able to experience play based learning.

In school, we are adopting Continuous Provision for our children, a practise that mirrors the children’s experiences in Reception. Alongside our English, Maths and Topic work, staff are developing their classroom environments to provide meaningful and purposeful play experiences for the children. The classrooms will have areas for reading, writing, maths, art and craft, construction, creative and imaginative play as well as outdoor play. Each provision area will contain a core set of resources that children are able to access and use independently. Resources are largely open ended and will remain constant throughout the year allowing predictability for the children, familiarity to sustain their interest and motivate them, opportunities for deep level play and time to practise skills and develop their ideas. Each area may be enhanced, at times, throughout the year by extending the resources used to respond to the children’s interests and support their progress.

We feel passionately that children should be able to lead their own learning, to be explorers and to follow their own interests. The children will be encouraged to challenge themselves, to work co-operatively, to problem solve, to be curious, creative and imaginative. Did you know that play builds brains? We firmly believe that this, developmentally appropriate, approach will support our children’s social and emotional needs as well as their academic needs. Play is a powerful way to engage and motivate the children and to support them in becoming happy and successful lifelong learners. We will be sharing our journey with you through Seesaw, our digital online learning portfolio. Let’s play!!