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Year 4

How we can show respect


By Luca and Georgia


It is really important to show respect in school, at home and in the community. We can show respect to ourselves and others.


On Remembrance day we show respect to all the people who fought in the wall by having a 2 minute silence and wearing a poppy. We remember about the soldiers who fought to save the people who came after them. When you wear a poppy the leaf should point to where the 11 hand is on a clock to show the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour. People also wear different coloured poppies to show respect to the horses and pigeons that were also used in the war.


At school we show respect by wearing our school uniform and being proud to wear it. We also show respect by not shouting out and not talking when we shouldn't be. Being respectful is playing with other people nicely and asking them to play with us if they don't have anyone else to play with. Our teachers are respectful to us because they show us how to learn. If we get stuck, they show us how we can try another way.


When we are outside we can show respect by moving over on the pavement when other people are coming and by talking to, and feeding, homeless people. We shouldn't touch anything that doesn't belong to us, like when we go into a shop because this isn't respectful of other people's property.


You can be respectful by only taking what you need and throwing crabs and fish back into the sea after you have caught them. When I swam with dolphins I had to be respectful around them because I was in their home.


Unfortunately, not everyone is respectful. But, if you treat other people with respect they will treat you with respect too. If you treat someone bad they will treat you the same way and that's not nice.