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Year 4

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Welcome back to all! We hope you and your families have had a relaxing and restful half-term.


In this final stretch, we will be looking towards assessing our students in time for their progress into Year 5.  Please encourage our students to consistently practise their spellings and times tables. 


As we continue to return to our pre-lockdown routines, we wanted to remind you that our Year 4 staff are still here ready to support you if and when you should need it.  Please don't hesitate to contact us on the above class emails, and we will try to respond as soon as we practically can or by the end of the next day at the latest.


We have set out below an overview of our learning this week, which we will continue to update.  Additionally, we have included our Extended Curriculum Map which shares a little more detail of what we will be delivering.


We hope you continue to stay safe, well, and in touch with us while we are unable to meet face to face.


Kindest regards,


Year 4 Team


Week 3


Spelling & Handwriting






Non-fiction Reading:


Native Americans












Complete two quizzes on Oxford Reading Buddy


Spelling Practise:

Year 3 & 4 Statutory Words


Research facts for a debate

Artithmetic Test


Create a Wild West Trail Wagon


Developing Experts

Identifying and creating simple series circuits.

Identifying basic parts of a circuit.

Exploring conductors and insulators.

Exploring differences between series and parallel circuits.



Spelling Practise:

Year 3 & 4 Statutory Words

Using facts in a debate


Reasoning Test 1



Handwriting Practise


Spelling Practise:

Year 3 & 4 Statutory Words

Preparing an argument for a topic

Reasoning Test 2



Spelling Practise:

Year 3 & 4 Statutory Words


Extended Writing

Test Surgery


Summer 2 RSE Learning


We will be starting the PSHE unit on Relationships and Sex Education this half term. The learning will include aspects of reproduction body parts, and body changes.


All lessons will be delivered by your child’s class teacher. We will be following our whole school ‘Relationships and Sexual Education policy’ which is being implemented following consultation with staff and governors.


We have placed below an informative document produced by Jigsaw (the scheme we follow for PSHE learning) and our school policy on teaching RSE. 


We value working in partnership with our parents and carers. If you have any concerns or queries please feel free to discuss these with us.

Additional Activities


When you want to take a break from your Home Learning, check out the new sections below:




The School Day


In line with the latest government guidelines to ensure safety of both pupils and staff the school drop off and pick up times have altered from the previous year. Children are now expected to arrive promptly at 8.50am and will leave school at 3.15pm. Children will have their hands sanitised at least 6 times a day, and always upon entering and leaving the school.



Children are no longer expected to bring in any personal belongings other than book bags (only Mondays and Fridays), a warm winter coat and a spare pair of indoor shoes or trainers. 



Spellings will be tested weekly, at the beginning of the week, following classroom practise.  The results are logged using the Hive games on Spelling Shed. The first 6 weeks of spellings have been sent out via parentmail and can be seen on our 'Spelling' page. Please encourage your child to regularly use Spelling Shed and practise at home so that they have a good level of confidence in class. 



To help with reducing cross contamination, children will only be taking home one book per week which will be issued Monday, returning any read books on Fridays, allowing us a 72 hour quarantine period before books are placed back into circulation for the use of other children. Because of this reduction, children are encouraged to use Oxford Reading Buddy on a far more regular basis at home, as they do in school.


Oxford Reading Buddy moves students automatically through Oxford Levels. Once a student has met specified thresholds, based on the number of quiz scores above 80%, they are ready to move up to the next Oxford Level. Threshold numbers vary between levels, and numbers reduce at higher levels because the texts are longer and take more time to read.


The conditions for movement through Oxford Levels have been based on expected rates of progress and achievement. In the event that a student runs out of books at a given Oxford Level without having met the thresholds necessary to move up to the next Oxford Level, previously-read books will appear at the start of their eBook library ready for re-reading, and quizzes will be reset for a second attempt.


We are coaching students regularly on how to improve their book Quiz results in the classroom.  As there is no time limit and no sense of competition in the quizzes, we are focussing on taking the time to read the questions and search the text before commiting to the answer, just as students will need to in a Reading Comprehension Test. Consistently scoring 80% or more will maximise their progression to the next level, where many more e-books will be available.  



Children should wear full school uniform, that needs to be changed and washed as much as possible. Black outdoor school shoes should be worn to and from school, and these should be suitable for field play and wet weather. 





Year 4 - In the event of any closure related to Covid

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