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Week of 22nd March


Another week down, and the children are gradually getting back into routine and procedure. It's fair to say they are very tired , the pace of a full week is proving a lot for some of them to manage.

A reminder that we finish at normal times on the Thursday 1st April, our planned INSET DAY now on the 19th APRIL.

Easter provision: Again, a huge thank you to all those of you who replied regarding this. You will get an email finalising the arrangements next week .

 The children will be receiving an early easter present from the staff and PTA next week, a small gift again to recognise that we haven't been able to 'spend' much PTA money on them over the last 12 months.

Enjoy the weekend, continue to keep safe and stick to the remaining restrictions,

Week of March 15th

Dear parent,


Week 2 done and it's fair to say that some of the children have struggled a little with pace of routines/procedures again and reintegrating with friends, finding the 'pecking order'.


I think three of the things that we have noticed particularly are their ability to 'share' and manage games at breaktimes,  the overfamiliarity of language towards adults- they think they're talking to mum/ dad still sometimes - and also their worrying about being 'behind' in their work!


It would be really helpful if you could certainly remind them that lots of children are feeling the same and we will help them all with these things over the remainder of the school year.


Don't forget to chat to myself, Miss Richards or Mrs Griffiths at the gate if your child really is struggling, we'll always help walk into school with them to calm them.


Easter provision;

I am very conscious that a long Easter 'holiday' may well set lots of the children back again in terms of their engagement with school and their resilience in coping with busy school life, so there will be a range of provision that we intend to offer during the holidays, I'll send details home about this within the next week. Some will be enrichment based, and will involve various workshops of a certain length , there will be a paid childcare provision for key workers, plus some wellbeing provision for some of our most vulnerable children. A letter detailing all this will be out soon.



Week of March 8th

Dear parent,

It has been just wonderful to have all the children back with us this week, they have settled very quickly back into routine.

I'm sure they will have been exhausted by a full week and will sleep well this weekend- as will the adults 😉.


If there is anything really troubling them after the first week, again, do use the class email system to get in touch with the class teacher and we can hopefully resolve this quickly for them. Friendships are undoubtedly taking time to restore and repair, so don't worry unduly if your child reports that they're finding relationships a bit tricky.


At the end of the day, when you are waiting for your child, can we ask that you step forward when you see them? With raincoats, hoods and masks on, some of our youngest children are finding it tricky to recognise their grown up!


A reminder too that aside from shoes, where there is some discretion at the moment, full uniform must be worn. Children without ties will be sent to the office from next week to borrow one.

Enjoy the weekend..