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Week of September 12th

Dear parent,

Wow! An overwhelming response to clubs, which was wonderful to see. We have tried to be as fair as possible in allocating these, so, for example, if you'd asked for your child to access 4 clubs but someone else has only asked for one, we might have given one of your 'spaces' to that child instead. I'm sure you'd understand that- we want all children to benefit from this temporary 'free' access to clubs.


Thank you too to those of you who responded to my request for opinions on the subsidised meals/food vouchers. By far the most popular was the former and we are currently working with our lunch providers to be able to start this as soon as possible, details to follow shortly.


For those parents in KS2 who received a parentmail about a subsidised  farm residential trip in November, we had an incredible uptake in terms of expressions of interest. For 50 places, we've already had 106 considerations - which is wonderful. However, this does mean that we will have to 'pick out of a hat' to be fair. Potentially, for those of you who've asked for consideration for siblings, this could  mean that one gets a place and the other doesn't, which I know might not sit easily with you. Or we pick by family as opposed to individual child. The pastoral team - Mrs Griffiths, Miss Richards and Mrs Smith will be helping me with these decisions and we will get back to you shortly. A reminder that it is vital that your child is comfortable staying away from home - for 3 nights - to really get the most out of the trip. If you wish to change your  mind about the expression of interest, please do so by Friday 23rd. We will be drawing names on the morning of the  26th.


Helpful offers:


Weymouth College has a commercial hair salon which is open to the public. The salon is supported and overseen by experienced lecturers. Due to the current financial situation affecting many families and individuals, we would like to offer all school children haircuts for only £1. In return, they will be also be supporting students gain their hairdressing qualifications. To book an appointment please phone 01305 208927 quoting ‘SCHOOL’.


A reminder that the rescheduled 'meet the teacher' is on the 26th, from 3.30-4. If you are bringing your children, please encourage them to be quiet and calm during the session.


Parking: Again, we have had some issues this week with inconsiderate, dangerous and downright illegal parking, which I know has resulted in at least 8 families receiving a ticket . We are hoping to potentially trial a very innovative idea of completely closing the road to the left of the school gates[ as you look at the school] to prevent people turning in, swinging round and parking on the pavements there. It is somewhat of a shame that we may have to resort to this.


I do hope that you and your family can take the time to watch the state funeral on Monday. Even if you're not a 'royalist' , the historical nature of this event means that children should at least experience a part of what it means for our country. I will most definitely be sat, with tissues and tea close by....

Kind regards,

Miss Harris


Week of September 5th

Dear parent,

One week down and I hope that your children have had a positive first week. We've loved seeing them again- and welcoming our new ones.


Soon , you will have information about clubs and such like, but in this email I wanted to share with you some thoughts about our hot meals. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I'm very keen that no children should be disadvantaged by virtue of the current financial situation - which is harder for everyone right now. 


One of the biggest 'users' of electric are ovens, so with that in mind, it makes sense that if we can offer at a very discounted price a hot meal for every child, every day, then  that might help.


Currently, all children in the Reception and Yr 1 and 2 are entitled to a free hot meal anyway, as part of the Government scheme. Also, anyone in Yrs 3/4/5/6 whose parents are on some kind of income support are also entitled. This initiative for a discounted meal is aimed at everyone else.


 The meals currently cost £2.60,our idea is that if you pay £1 for them , school will subsidise the rest. That means that your child could have a hot meal every day of the week for £5, as opposed to £13. Even if you didn't want to use the oven at night, you know they've had a hot meal during the day.


The other option would be to issue everyone who wants one  - and who doesn't already receive one - a food voucher at key times, start of terms, half terms, Christmas, Easter. These vouchers would be between £15-£30. 


I'd really like your thoughts on which of these you'd be most interested in . If you can email me back, then we can make some decisions. Equally, it would be really helpful to know if you will not need either of these at the moment, we can then divert funds to help more people.


Can I also reiterate too that the uniform grant can be used for trousers, shirts, shoes, trainers, anything that a child might wear in school- not just logoed jumpers etc..


Finally, can I respectfully ask that we remember that as adults, we must use social media in a positive way. Facebook groups/whatsapp are great for checking arrangements with other parents or asking advice, but all too often we see things turn very negative, or even personal about staff. If you have an issue with the school that needs addressing, please contact myself or Mrs Llewellyn, and we can help - that is the most appropriate avenue. Misuse of social media in this way will result in robust action from the Governors.

Enjoy the weekend.


Kind regards

Miss Harris