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Week of July 6th

' So, we are down to the last two weeks of term.I'll be honest,energy levels are flagging a bit, but the children in  school are still being an absolute credit to you with their conduct. Our interim September plan is done, and we hope that everyone will all help play their part to make it work. Likewise,our Summer School plans have been finalised, with 21 children due to attend to help them transition  more easily back in September. Reports will be issued next week- they are a round up of the September - March period and hopefully this will still show you where your children were - and where we'll hopefully aim to start from - in the new term.'

Week of 29th June

' So, this week, we are waiting for the guidance from the Government about how children will return in September. This will definitely be guidance, as opposed to statutory, and as always, our plan will reflect what we think is best for our children- emotionally, socially and academically. I will say from the outset, I do not believe that sending everyone back full time, straight away, is morally the right thing to do, and our plan will reflect a graduated return, for at least the first month, to ensure that we are setting children up to succeed. I will let you know more next week.'

Week of 22nd June

' So, we have welcomed Yr 4 back into school,and like the other year groups, they have come in and settled fact, as of the end of the week, we have had in excess of 210 children in most days- so just over half the school . In an ideal world, I'd love to have been able to offer Yrs 2,3 and 5 a chance too, but we are prioritising some of these families for our 'summer school'   that starts the first week of the holidays.' 

Week of 15th June

'As mentioned last week, we are admitting another year group, Year 4, from the 22nd. This has also freed up some spaces in our key worker/vulnerable group which have been then reallocated out- although I think realistically I could have filled those spaces three times over. If our site was bigger, I could accommodate more, but we are now at our limit within the current restrictions as to what we can offer. The children who have returned have been absolutely amazing, and have settled back very quickly to routine .They have been a real credit to you in this respect.'

Week of June 8th

'Week 2 of new normal.....and a few more children than last week have turned up, which we are delighted with. I know that the publicity around the 'R' rate in the South West may be making you more concerned, but rest assured that if we get any other advice or guidance on what else to do, I'll share it with you as soon as I receive it.

'  Our current plan for children returning has worked very well, so on that basis ,it is highly likely that we are going to admit 1 more year group into school within the next two weeks, I'll let you know who and when early next week.'

Week of June 1st

' So, our first three year groups- and pre school- are back in, alongside the key workers group. The first week has run according to plan, with close to 75% of children who could be in, in. They have all seemed happy to be back and are adapting well to the new routines and procedures. Staff too are being very robust about keeping to these new ways of doing things and I am grateful to everyone for how they have responded in these early stages of partial return to normality.'

Week of 26th May

'So, although it's officially half term week, we're open for our key workers and vulnerable families.Luckily the weather is being very kind to us again  and we're spending lots of time outside. Preparations are underway to welcome back our Pre school, Reception, Yr 1 and Yr 6 next Monday- our classrooms resemble what I can only imagine private schools to look like- 10-15 desks only, equipment laid out for each child-  lots of space between each desk!

Lots of signs are being printed to remind the children- and us- of what we need to remember to do...

Week of 11th May

I hope you're all safe and well and enjoyed some sun over the long weekend.I know you'll have been watching the Prime Minister's announcements with interest last night, especially over his thoughts on children returning to school. 
I want to be very clear that if  any children do return before the Summer break, they will only do so if  myself and our Senior Team believe we can manage this safely and with minimal risk to the children and staff-  that has to be paramount. Your own parental choice on that matter will always be the deciding factor, however- with no concern over any 'fines' being issued  or chasing of attendance.

We miss your children, school is a lonely place with so few in, but their well being is the overriding priority and will remain that way.

I will keep you 'in the loop' with any plans made going forwards, until then, avoid worrying too much about any social media speculation, take care of the children and yourselves.

Kind regards

Miss Harris 

'Week of 4th May'

A big hello to everyone. Whether you're in school with us or simply checking the website for work, I hope you're all well and keeping safe and sane. We've had another good week,  we started the week with lots of art and craft, since the weather is being  more kind the latter half , we're den building, making bunting and medals for VE day, playing dodgeball, you name it!  Today, Thursday, we're hosting mini VE day celebrations.The children yet again have been a real credit to us all and the staff are being equally upbeat and positive to ensure that our children's emotional health remains as calm as possible. Can I thank you all too for your very kind words of support over the last few weeks. They have really meant a lot to us .

Week of April 27th

'Another week into the lockdown and I hope you're all keeping fit and sane.  We have more children in this week than before, so that we can support those families who are really struggling, whilst still trying to keep social distancing as far as is practically possible with small children! Monday has started with lots of art/craft and a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt! The rain in the latter part of the week has made things trickier to get the children outside, so we've done lots of painting,card games, cooking ,construction, table tennis- and today we're going to finish off with another outdoor scavenger hunt, with freeze pops to finish the week. The children again have been an absolute credit to us all in terms of their attitude at this challenging time.'

Week of April 20th

The first week of the summer term starts today and what a strange feeling that still is, to be in school with only 25+ children. We have been blessed again with some sunny weather and  the children have been outside, building giant lego, watering, measuring.  Breaktime football games have been played in good, friendly spirits . 

As of the end of the week, the sun is still shining, the children are still being a credit to us all and staff spirits are high. [Thank you to the parents who clubbed together to provide us with some nice Body Shop handcream  for our overly sanitised hands- much appreciated.] There have been lots of team building activities , rainbow painting, and yet again Joe Wicke's PE sessions have been a great starter for the day. Fantasy football is thriving today with the older children,and we are finishing the week with 'freeze pop Friday ' . Enjoy the weekend ,everyone.Keep safe.

Week of 30th March

'Having nearly completed the second week of our time with our key worker and vulnerable children (sometimes up to 27 a day), I wanted to write and tell you how amazing these children have been. They've come into school nearly every day, with an enthusiasm to try whatever activities we're doing- which has ranged from kite making, to bingo, to building a 3D city out of junk and cardboard, and endless table tennis games!  The older children have also completed a 1000 piece jigsaw together!

Likewise the staff  who have put themselves 'out there' every day to care for these children have been inspirational in their commitment to making sure these children have fun and are emotionally supported . It's been an emotional 2 weeks, I won't lie. We've shed many a tear once at home, quite overwhelmed by the situation- but plastered the smile back on every day to greet the children.

I hope whatever your circumstance, you manage to have some 'down time' and relax this Easter. I know for our very 'front line' workers, this may not be easy or possible, but we'll welcome your children back on the 20th, ready to do our part to support you again.'

Week of March 23rd

'Suffice to say it's been quite a surreal week after the announcements of the last two weeks. We're adapting here to life with much less children, we've had between 16-30 children in most days with a voluntary group of adults who've provided some great, fun,activities for them to do - we've painted, done jigsaws, played table tennis and dodgeball, climbed trees in the paddock, read poetry, done Joe Wick's PE - and now at the end of week '1' we're ready for the weekend.

We're looking forward to seeing the key workers children who will be in with us next week- but we  really miss the rest of you and hope you're all keeping safe and well. '

Week of March 9th blog:


'Another busy week here at CPA.  We have been working hard to impress on the children the need for regular hand washing and sanitising, and have limited times when larger groups of children would be together in a small space to keep them, and us, healthy.  Thank you all for your support with this. Year 6 have had their 'diversity' talks this week from Mel Lane, the lady who came into school a few weeks previous.  I continue to show prospective new staff around - it's amazing how many people want to work at our school!  We have also had a really interesting meeting with the NHS to see if there is scope for having an 'emotional/mental health nurse' on site to support our most vulnerable pupils.'

 Week of March 2nd blog:


"What a busy week we've had.  We have thrown ourselves into supporting World Book Day (expertly organised by Mrs Anders) with reading quizzes, book swaps, buddy reading with children from other year groups to name but  a few.  Children have really enjoyed these and hopefully it has reinforced for them just how wonderful it is to sit and read a great book!  In addition, we've had the Planetarium visit on Friday, every year group has got to go in and see and hear more about space from a scientific point of view.  (Thanks to Mr Broom and Mrs Galloway for organising this for us.)  We've had a football match against Wyke.  (Thanks again to Mr Broom for taking the boys.)  Some classes have also started to consider Fair Trade issues on the back of of our cake sale. 


Added to all this, we've had visiting teachers from other schools spend time with us to see how we do things, and I've been showing around some potential  new staff for September, due to two colleagues moving on at the end of the Summer term. A typical week at our busy school!"