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Week of September 28th

'The weather has begun to be a little more unsettled and it is really important that the children are prepared for this. We know it's not 'cool' for the older ones to wear coats, but they must get into this habit since as I have said, we're outside more now.

Can I also impress on the need for the children who cycle to school to have a helmet on. They might be perfectly sensible users of the roads, but motorists aren't always!

We are in the process of working out if we can begin to offer hot meals again after half term. This is entirely dependent if we can do so in a safe, appropriately distanced way. Our hall does pose issues in this respect. For those of you who have been in it, it is small and, at present, can only sit 120 children in at any one time distanced. We have two sittings, which obviously means we could sit 240 in for a hot meal. There are 403 children in the school- so we are not in a position where we could allow everyone to have a hot meal and keep distanced. What we have to decide, looking at all the most up to date advice, is if we should reduce the need for distancing so more children can fit in the hall, or limit it to certain year groups per half term, or simply stay as we are. Once we've looked at these options next week, I'll get back to you again.

You will have noticed that myself, Mrs Griffiths our Inclusion Lead, and Miss Richards, our Family support worker , aim to be at the gates, every day at both ends, to help you with any queries or concerns you have. If your child is struggling, we will always 'check in' with them during the day to see how they are, we may pop into their class or take them out for a quick chat. Please do use us in this respect - we may not have an immediate magic wand but we'll do our best to reassure your child. 

Normally, at this time of the year, we would be offering you a slot to come and see us at a parent evening, but obviously that is not going to be possible. On our next INSET day, 23rd October, the staff will send you, via the class email, a short narrative on how your child has settled and how their work in class is going. We would actively invite you to respond to these with any questions you may have.'

Week of September 21st

'The weather has begun to change and with it things get  a little trickier. We still want children to be outdoors as much as possible, and even if it is slightly drizzly, if we feel it's safe to go out, then we will.The children are always better prepared for learning when they have had fresh air and a run around.

We are currently starting our gentle testing of the children to see what they have retained in english and maths since lockdown and the results of these will determine who gets some additional 'catch-up/recovery help' over the next few weeks.

Thank you all for your continued support with our plan to keep the children safe- but remember the 'rule of six' and social distancing are still vital to adhere to.' 

Week of September 7th

'The first week back into our 'new normal' has started well. Almost every child has returned, and those who haven't yet, will be. The children are adjusting to the new regimes, the swapping of shoes, the different timings, and they have done so with smiles on their faces. It has been lovely, too, to welcome the new intake both to Reception and Chickadees, they have so far coped well with being away from home in an unfamiliar environment.

My thanks to the staff, at every level, who have worked tirelessly to prepare the site ready for the children's return.'


'Week of July 13th'

' So here we are, at the end of a truly challenging few months. There are many words that can sum up just how we all feel that this point- emotional, relieved, tired - to name but a few. I think the overwhelming feeling is that of sheer thankfulness that we have reached this far and managed to keep our children safe . As we go into the summer holidays that will still be vitally important to do, so that when they all rejoin us in September, they are 'healthy' and well.

We are really looking forward to having our entire school community back with us then. Do make sure you familiarise yourselves with the start times etc  before the 7th September, all the information will be on the website in the next few weeks again.

For now, though, enjoy some family time without the pressure of home learning and recharge the batteries. We'll see you in 6 weeks time.....'

Week of July 6th

' So, we are down to the last two weeks of term.I'll be honest,energy levels are flagging a bit, but the children in  school are still being an absolute credit to you with their conduct. Our interim September plan is done, and we hope that everyone will all help play their part to make it work. Likewise,our Summer School plans have been finalised, with 21 children due to attend to help them transition  more easily back in September. Reports will be issued next week- they are a round up of the September - March period and hopefully this will still show you where your children were - and where we'll hopefully aim to start from - in the new term.'