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Week of July 12th

Hopefully your children have enjoyed our 'next year ready' week, there were certainly some very excited children moving up to their new rooms with new teachers. 

In our last week of term, we will be enjoying some mini sports competitions and lots of class events to make sure that the children leave us on the 23rd July, having had a positive and fun time.

On their 'sports' day, they should come to school in kit, preferably school PE kit if they have it, if not, suitable sports kit. They will definitely need a full water bottle with them that day too. Please encourage them to have suncream on and a sunhat too- they will be outside for up to 1.5 hours


Reception-Monday 19th

Year 1- Monday 19th

Year 2- Wednesday 21st

Year 3-Tuesday 20th

Year 4- Tuesday 20th

Year 5-Wednesday 21st

Year 6 - Friday  23rd


A reminder, too, of our staggered finishes on the last day, 23rd.


Year 6   1.15

Year 5   1.25

Year 4   1.35

Year 3   2

Year 2   1.50

Year 1    1.40

Reception 1.30


 Do again bear in mind that we won't be getting siblings early from class then, we don't want them to miss their class parties and such like that are happening that day.


The local food bank has asked us if anyone thinks they might need any help with food during the holidays, please contact me before the end of term if you feel you'd benefit from this. All enquiries will be treated absolutely confidentially.


And, finally, with Monday 19th being a much anticipated 'freedom' day, can I politely remind you that ours in not till the 23rd 😉. We currently have close to 20 children having to completely miss the end of term, isolating because their parents have tested positive, and I would hate for anyone's summer holiday to be interrupted for the same reason. Please, then, continue to wear your masks on site until the end of term and stick to all our procedures we've been using- it's worked for us this long!

Week of June 7th

I hope you all had a relaxing half term. It's lovely to see some sunshine and feel some warmth, it makes a real difference to what we can do with the children when the weather is so lovely.


A few things to be aware of:

  1. Please still stick to your allotted times for drop off and pick up. Some are getting to school very early, which means we have a lot of people waiting around outside which obviously is not as safe as it could be for the children and staff .
  2.  We have a plan for which teacher is having which class in September and I will be sharing that with you next week, so that you can prepare the children for a change. We will be undertaking a 'next year ready' time so that the children will spend time before the end of term with their new teacher, in their new room so they do not worry over the Summer about those things.
  3. A reminder that we will not be admitting adults onto site for any 'events' before the end of this term, despite what the 21st June announcements may say. This is line with other local schools.
  4. 'Parentview' - we are very interested, in these last few months of the year, at finding out 'how we've done' with regards to providing a good, safe experience for your children. So, with that in mind, could I encourage you please to take some time to fill in this online survey /
  5. All clubs restart on the 14th June- Monday
  6. 25th June is an INSET day- children not in on that day.
  7. I have attached some information on local parent 'drop in ' support sessions that may be of use.
  8. There will be one more newsletter prior to the end of term that will detail any other arrangements you may need to know for the end of term itself.

Week of May 24th


This is a short note just to thank you all for your continued support this half term. It has been wonderful to have the children all back with us, settled, and back into routines. The prospect of us now being in the last half term of the year is quite amazing, considering all the disruption we've endured.

The last half term is traditionally busy, we will be running trips of some kind for the children, small scale year group sports competitions and such like. As I mentioned last week, we will also be preparing for you a different style end of year report which you will receive in the last week of term.

 Staff have now been told where they will be next year,  which class they will have, and I am hoping to share this information with you post half term. Remember that we use our 'next year ready' days to make the children feel comfortable about returning in September, these will run from the 6th- 16th July.


A reminder that clubs next half term will restart on the 14th June and run until the 12th July, a new list is out- you will need to rebook if you want your child to continue with an existing club.


In the meantime, I'd like to wish you a wonderful half term, it looks like we're expecting some nice weather. Keep yourselves safe, we'll see you on the 7th June.


Week of May 17th

Thank you all for continuing to stick to all our procedures despite the 'relaxing' of some restrictions, our children and staff are so well into these habits that it makes sense to keep it going until the next review date.


Several of you have been asking for clarification about the position of holidays post lockdown. To be clear, any time off for holidays, anything outside of a medical appointment, is unauthorised, which means school cannot endorse it. If this absence extends to 5 days or beyond, you may well receive a fine. Please be clear, it is not school that fines families, it is the local authority to whom we submit our absences. 

I absolutely and utterly understand why, after such a challenging year, we'd all want a holiday, and one as cost effective as possible - and in an ideal world school attendance would reflect this for a time, but unfortunately, we are not in this position and the local authority are very clear that Headteachers have to now continue to assert the need to as full an attendance as possible. Please therefore do not take it personally if I then have to unauthorize your requests.


Post half term, in the run up to the end of the school year, we will be  helping the children transition ready for September, they will have time with their new teacher, in their new classroom, so that they all leave for the Summer confident of where they will be on their return. As I said last week in my email, although we cannot hold full whole school events still, we will be organising smaller scale events for them. Unfortunately, we won't be allowing you to attend these yet, but next year- all being well, we'll be welcoming you in with very open and wide arms!

Week of May 3rd

I hope that you all managed to enjoy a lovely bank holiday weekend with family.

Several of you have been asking about our normal whole school or large-scale events this term, but because of the importance of emerging carefully from lockdown restrictions, we have taken the decision not to organise any events this term that might involve a large gathering of parents, such as sports day. We are expecting that normal service can be resumed from September, with parents attending events at school as they used to. We will be organising smaller scale events for the children, such as inter class sports competitions and trips out - but it will be for their benefit only.
Likewise, the traditional end of year report will look different, there will be an interim one that we will use for this year to take into account the 'fractured' learning experiences they children have received. 
Do continue to use the class email system in the meantime to communicate with the class teacher for any queries.