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Year 3

Being a Year 3 Key Learning Skills Ambassador

By Jack, Cherry, Lawson & Livia


What is a Key Learning Skills Ambassador?

A Key Learning Skills Ambassador is someone who is confident in showing our 6 key learning skills: resilience, respect, independence, cooperation, enthusiasm and confidence.


What does being a Key Learning Skills Ambassador involve?

We help people when they are stuck and are good role models to others. We watch out for people who show the key learning skills in our class and tell them they are being resilient, confident or independent. We talk to the teachers about how everyone shows the 6 key learning skills in our classroom. We will also talk to school visitors.


Why are the 6 key learning skills important?

The 6 key learning skills help us now and when we are older and have a job. They get us ready for secondary school because being able to achieve them ourselves makes us good learners.


Tell me about our key learning skill of the half term: resilience?

Our key learning skill of the half term is resilience. Being resilient is about not giving up and trying new things when things are hard. We have to put effort into our work to be resilient and eventually we will all be able to be resilient and notice that other people are also being resilient. Being resilient is asking for help too. Some people have to be confident to ask for help and confidence is one of our 6 key learning skills.


How can you be resilient at home?

At home we can keep going with our homework. For example, if we’re stuck on a word when reading then we will try and find someone to help us. Resilience is about knowing you can ask for help and finding a different way of doing things.


What do you like most about being a Key Learning Skills Ambassador?

We all like helping people when they are stuck. We like to be the type of friends who will help people, rather than the type of friend who will just watch; it makes us better people. We enjoy doing something that not many people in our school get to do like talking to the teachers about how important it is to be resilient when they come into our classrooms.