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Looking after our children's and staff emotional health

Children's emotional health is vitally important to protect and nurture, they need to be 'emotionally ready' to learn. In a society that is, and continues to rapidly change, this is becoming more of a priority than ever before. Here at Chickerell, we  try to ensure that  every child has an identified adult to talk to and for those needing more than that, we offer a range of support, from  informal catch ups to  ELSA to THRIVE provision. We also work closely with families and outside agencies , we have two designate family and nurture support workers who work tirelessly to assist in support at home matching support at school. 


In addition to this we try to ensure that we look after our staff well being too, with strategies such as:


1. Only having meetings if absolutely necessary

2. Protected PPA time

3. A well being 'box' in the staffroom for anyone to help themselves from

4. Working from home where possible

5. Encouragement to leave the site early every day

How a child is identified as needing support- please click on the second link below for a comprehensive description of the support offered