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E-Safety for Young Learners

In this growing digital age, children are becoming increasingly familiar with a range of popular online platforms and with access to multiple technology such as mobile phones or games consoles.  We see the results of these trends at school and have spent time in the past educating  KS2 children  in an effort to help keep everyone safe and to raise awareness of certain apps and their appropriate use.  As these trends grow, it can often become a challenge to keep on top of things and to stay up-to-date with latest advice and guidance, with this in mind we thought it might be helpful to share the information that we were able to use in the hope that it might also be helpful at home.

There are many charities and organisations which offer the latest information including helpful user guides to many online platforms.  We can share a link from the BBC in relation to setting up parental controls after some concerning behaviour relating to Tik Tok usage, you can find the link HERE.  We also recently discovered National Online Safety who have a really useful website including training for parents/carers endorsed by celebrities, regular information and great resources such as a series of posters.  We’d recommend visiting their website and social media pages which are regularly updated.

Acceptable use policy for children 2023

My Pop Disaster - Share if you care Search It Up - I've won! Search It Up - Help, I'm Lost Online!
"If you share, do it with care!" "If it's too good to be true..." "Stay smart. Stay safe. Stay kind."
Watch a short animation about sharing information online.  Search It Up explores those annoying ads that offer loads of free stuff!   This episode points out that sometimes it’s important to ask a trusted adult for help.
azoomee - e safety


Be S.M.A.R.T.


Check out Childnet for some great help for young people This button will help you find out all about your favourite apps Hit this button if you need some help and advice


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