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Enrichment Programme

We want to provide our children with as many developmental, supportive opportunities as possible to be the best they can be.

Working together to develop our children to ensure that they are all 'secondary ready'

At Chickerell Primary Academy, we finish every week with a discrete enrichment session, in which children from Yrs 1-6 work on an activity that encourages them to  get out of their comfort zone, and use their 6 key learning skills alongside other children in different year groups. These activities can range from robotics to table tennis to 'pop art'. We also have a parent and child enrichment session that focuses on helping families play together.   

Sample enrichment offer for children Autumn term 2023

Junior Duke Awards

The Junior Duke is an award aimed at helping children become more independent and confident in dealing with new situations. The award offers opportunities to gain new experiences and might even introduce children to a new skill, talent or passion.


There are nine levels of Junior Duke Award. For each year, there is a booklet with ten challenges from which just seven need to be completed in order to finish the level. The challenges range from First Aid, eco, exercise, domestic challenges, budgeting for packed lunches, fixing a puncture, building a fire, baking, cooking, washing sheets, making PowerPoints and public speaking, knitting, litter-picking….all manner of things!