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Year 5

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I just wanted to say how extremely proud I am of all of the children we have taken to WOEC over the last two weeks. They have faced many challenges, conquered fears and had fun whilst doing so. They were an absolute credit to the school and I hope that by providing these enriching activities, we give your children life-long memories of their time at Chickerell. 

I am also grateful to the staff who came to support this trip: Mrs Sowerby, Miss Cooper and Miss Clarke. Thank you all. 

Now to look forward to Legoland!

Dates for your diary:

Friday 11th May - 5SWa WOEC trip

Friday 18th May - 5WS WOEC trip

Friday 8th June - Year 5 trip to Legoland

Monday 11th June - School photos

Saturday 16th June - Summer Fair

Tuesday 28th June - pm performance of Year 5/6 production 'Shakespeare Rocks'. 

Wednesday 29th June - am performance of Year 5/6 production 'Shakespeare Rocks'.

Thursday 19th July - Sports day



Please note that we will be continuing to set spellings weekly. All spelling lists are posted below under our spellings icon. 


Home Reading

As the children are now in the top end of the school, changing reading books does become more of their responsibility. We do keep a record of when children change their books and are finding that a small number of children are not changing their book regularly enough. We encourage children to record their reading in their reading record themselves, and any reading done at home should also be recorded - this may not be their school reading book. Reading is the key to ALL learning and it is even more important as children get older that they continue to read, as often they do not read to their grown ups as frequently as they did further down the school. 


Please remember that we use parentmail to communicate with parents primarily, and all letters are sent home via this method. 


Staff summer 2018

5WS - Miss Simmonds (Class Teacher), Mrs Burton and Mrs Gill (Teaching Assistants).

5SW - Mrs Warren (Class Teacher), Mrs Sowerby and Miss Cooper (Teaching Assistants). Mrs Wait will be covering for Mrs Warren on a Friday. 



Now that the nice weather should be on its way, it is advisable for all children to have a kit in school everyday.



Following the whole school review on homework, you can expect for your child to receive the following homework:


  • A weekly maths homework. This will be set on a Monday and due back in on the Friday of that week.
  • Fortnightly spelling lists to be learnt for a test.
  • A minimum expectation of 15 minutes reading per night. Please sign your child's reading record each time you listen to them read.
  • Regular times tables practise.
  • Talk homework. 


Parent/Carer guidance in relation to homework can be found on the inside cover of your child's homework book. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Weekly maths homework tasks and spelling lists are posted below in the maths and spelling folders. 



A reminder that Wednesday mornings are our drop-in mornings should you have anything to discuss with your child's class teacher. 



We thank you for your continued support. 


The Year 5 Team








Book Week

Book Week 1
Book Week 2
Book Week 3
Book Week 4
Book Week 5
Book Week 6
Book Week 7
Book Week 8
Book Week 9
Book Week 10
Book Week 11
Book Week 12
Book Week 13
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Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight  1 Fairtrade tea-tasting.
Fairtrade Fortnight  2 Fairtrade tea-tasting.
Fairtrade Fortnight  3 Fairtrade tea-tasting.
Fairtrade Fortnight  4 Fairtrade tea-tasting.
Fairtrade Fortnight  5 Fairtrade tea-tasting.
Fairtrade Fortnight  6 Fairtrade presentations
Fairtrade Fortnight  7 Fairtrade presentations
Fairtrade Fortnight  8 Fairtrade presentations
Fairtrade Fortnight  9 Fairtrade presentations
Fairtrade Fortnight  10 Fairtrade presentations
Fairtrade Fortnight  11 Fairtrade presentations
Fairtrade Fortnight  12 Fairtrade presentations
Fairtrade Fortnight  13 Fairtrade presentations

RRS Day looking at sustainable goals

RRS Day looking at sustainable goals 1
RRS Day looking at sustainable goals 2
RRS Day looking at sustainable goals 3
RRS Day looking at sustainable goals 4

History Afternoon

History Afternoon 1
History Afternoon 2
History Afternoon 3
History Afternoon 4

Year 5WS Fire Station Fun

Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 1
Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 2
Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 3
Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 4
Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 5
Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 6
Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 7
Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 8
Year 5WS Fire Station Fun 9