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Our staff are always happy to talk to you regarding your child's  educational progress. To ensure a fair and robust system of communication, we ask that you always try to talk to your child's class teacher first, or to their 'Key Stage leader'; we have provided the 'Open' registration morning, from 8.40-9am, every Wednesday for this purpose. After that, should you need further clarification of response, then do not hesitate to speak to any of the Senior Team:
Miss Harris  [Principal]
Mrs Llewellyn [Vice Principal]
Mrs Saunders [Data Manager]
Mrs Anders [Assistant Principal]

Miss Wise [ KS2 pastoral lead]

Miss Arezoo [ KS1 pastoral lead]

Miss Wilson (Inclusion Leader)

Mrs Hill [Principal TA]
Mrs Jolliffe [ School Business Manager]


In addition to this, Miss Harris is available from 8.30-9 every morning for an informal chat about any other concern you wish to discuss.