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Year 2

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The Year 2 Team

Miss Chappell (Class Teacher)

Mrs Stiles (Class Teacher)

Mrs Saunders (Class Teacher)

Mrs Edgar (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Crawford (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Wapshott (1:1 Support)

Mrs O'Rourke (1:1 Support)



....our doors are always open. Please do come and see us if any matters arise. If a proper appointment is needed, please make it at the office. We have our open registration morning on a TUESDAY (please note the change in day for this) and this is an opportunity to take a look at the work in the classroom and to take part in some topic related activities with your child. Please note, that open registration is not an appropriate time to discuss individual concerns though- your teacher will be far better able to help you during your own appointment time. 






Welcome to the Summer Term!


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Our new topic is 'DINOSAURS'.


Do feel free to send in any artefacts, books, toys, posters that we could display in the classrooms. PLEASE make sure they're named though- we'd hate them to get lost! We'll be bringing History and Geography into our studies as we discover how 'Pangaea' turned into the continents that we have now. The concept of the Mesozoic timeline is a hefty one, so we'll be looking into just how long ago the Dinosaurs lived on our planet. As the term progresses, we'll explore the 3 different eras of time that make up the Mesozoic era; finding out how the dinosaurs evolved to suit the land that they lived on. Our DT project will be to explore, design and create our own felt dinosaur glove puppets. We're looking forward to developing our use of computing to help us in this process. Our English focus will sometimes reflect our topic but we will also be studying key texts and exploring our own story writing and text response. During Maths we'll be making sure that we cover the 4 calculations again; providing children with the confidence to address their problem solving skills. Where possible, Maths will have a dinosaur theme too!

Our JIGSAW theme this half term is 'Changing Me' where we'll also be looking at our own bodies, life cycles and keeping ourselves clean and healthy. This is when we'll begin our Yasmine and Tom work- part of our RSE programme in school.

Just like last term; we will be encouraging our children to develop their own 'home learning' this term. We  know that this was thoroughly enjoyed with the Castles topic, so do continue to think about what projects you could get up to now too! This is a hugely enriching experience for the children. Being supported at home this way really makes a huge difference in their enthusiasm for learning. 

HOMEWORK: Thankyou for supporting your children with their weekly homework challenges. This has been an extension of our maths learning in school. As we get closer to the end of term however, we will start to scale down our homework expectations!


Please do feel free to drop in on a TUESDAY morning for open registration. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DAY HAS CHANGED FOR THE SUMMER TERM, TO ALLOW ALL STAFF THE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET WITH PARENTS) This is an opportunity for you to take part in a table top activity or reading with your child for the first 15 minutes of the day. (Please note that if you require some time to catch up with your class teacher; open registration is not the best time to do this! If you wish to make an appointment for a longer amount of time; do contact the school office to do so or attend one of the 'drop in' parents' evenings that we have each half term.)

Please help to assist us in instilling greater INDEPENDENCE in the children by sending them into the school building by themselves on all other mornings. A member of staff will always be by the door to ensure any messages are passed on.

Parent Helpers: We are lucky to already have some very supportive parents and grandparents working in our classes. If you feel that this is something that you could offer us- maybe an hour a week, we'd love to welcome you! Please note, however, that we don't expect you to be placed in the same class as your child- sometimes this is actually counter productive! If you are interested in volunteering then do please contact the school office for details and the code of conduct .

Home Reading: Please make sure you continue using reading diaries to update us on home reading. Be reassured that home books can be read, as well as school books. We know only too well that children will love reading if they enjoy the books in the first place. Just make sure you let us know in the diaries what is being read with a brief comment and signature.

P.E. Please note that PE is on a THURSDAY. We regularly have children who are still not adequately clothed for PE. We are unable to keep providing PE kit for this. If you require additional kit; don't forget that we have our 'new to you' clothing rail in the front of the schol every Monday.


We will update this page regularly with further information, upcoming events, home learning projects, homework, learning links and photographs. 


Half Term lerning project- have family fun with this recipe! (Coverng Maths, Science and English!)

Spring Newsletter 2019

Class Charters

Both classes have selected Articles from the United Nations Rights of the Child. These are displayed in class, where we have also signed our names to show that we will all agree to upholding these in school.

WW1 Centenary 9.11.18

Counting in 3s. We explored place value by making our own 3s counting games in the playground.

Maths- Place Value using natural objects. This week, we used objects to represent (hundreds), tens and ones-can you see which numbers we made?