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Y6 Learning Grid

Year 6 Home Learning

Please click on the document here to be able to download this Learning Grid.  You will then also be able to access the hyper links within the document.

Year 6 Home-Learning June & July


  • Every day we would like you to spend 20-30 minutes using either: TTRockStars or Spelling Shed. If you like being competitive, there are LIVE HIVE games every Mon, Wed and Fri at 9.40, and there are times table BATTLES every Tue and Thu at 9:30-10am. 
  • Spelling Frame is another great FREE website where you can practise your spellings and test yourself on all the objective words: Click on the Year Group. Choose a list of words to practise. Choose from a range of activities to help you learn your spellings or practise and take a test.  The BBC also have lots of videos to help you learn the different spelling patterns:


  • Every day we would like you to keep up with your arithmetic skills. Choose from:

           * Daily arithmetic uploaded on our Y6 Webpage (one set of questions for each school day). 

* Practise your Y6 Arithmetic on this interactive game:

* Daily 10 delivers 10 mental maths questions, timed or untimed:


  • Every day we would like you to read.  Choose one reading activity from the grid below:


Log in to Oxford Reading Buddy – read and answer questions


Read your own book and choose one of the book bingo activities


Complete a reading response task:



Complete one of the Daily Reading Comprehensions / VIPERS uploaded on our Y6 Webpage (it will either be a 60 second read or a VIPERS text.  These change weekly)


Saved on our Y6 Webpage under Additional READING resources’ is the new ebook: Jazz Harper

There are also packs with corresponding questions and activities on each chapter.


Each day, read one chapter from the ebook and answer questions (there are screen friendly pdf or printable to download). 


There is also an online video to support the understanding and reading of the text.  The presenter, Hannah, asks questions focusing on a different reading skill in each video.


Twinkl self-marking reading comprehensions:

These online self-marking reading comprehensions provide work at three differentiated levels to cater for a wide range of abilities within a class.

Log in to TwinklGo -

Enter the PIN Code: M T 1 2 6 4


All links to resources are on the Y6 WEBPAGE

Please see the RAINBOW images.


  • Then every day choose at least two activities from a box below.  All links to resources are on the Y6 WEBPAGE.

NOTE: It doesn’t matter if two of your activities come from, for example, the learning project box.





A new project will be uploaded on our webpage each week saved in the link: ‘Learning Projects’.


 Weekly Artist Study


Each week a mini-project on a different artist will be set. Please go to our Year 6 webpage and find the link for ‘Artist Study’.


Twinkl mystery games


Saved on our Y6 Webpage is a link to a few different mystery problems to solve.


These are great and fun way to practise a range of subject skills to solve a mystery!


TWINKL GO or Classroom Secrets KIDS


Log on to these websites to access the online interactive lessons. New PIN: OP8491


There are a range of subjects to choose from.


This website is being continually updated:




The new online Bitesize Daily lessons in Maths, English and other core subjects will cover every year group up to Year 10.

The lessons will include videos, educational games, articles and practice tests.



Maths games to play at home


The challenges are not intended to be too much like ‘work’, but they should provide just a bit of mathematical focus every now and then.




Challenge yourselves with these UKS2 or LKS2 Brain Teasers Packs! The children will need to apply their maths and literacy skills to solve the various puzzles and problems in each themed slide show. Themes included: Ancient, Greece, Countries of the World, Space, Vikings, Victorians, Animals of the World and Extreme Earth.


 Maths – I SEE MATHS


Each day at 9am, Gareth Metcalfe will be uploading a maths lesson for Y3/4 and also for Y5/6 during the UK school closures for Covid-19.


Additional maths and literacy worksheets


If you wish to print at home any learning sheets for additional practise of maths and literacy skills, please see the folder saved on our Y6 Webpage: Additional worksheets to print

NB: Answers are also provided




Look at the wellbeing grid on the next page, and choose an activity to do.


Creative writing


Look on the Y6 webpage at the link ‘Films to inspire writing’.


Select a film and a writing task.




Look at our Y6 webpage for fun activities your peers have done under the link Fun Science Projects you can do at Home. Can you do one?


Look at BBC LIVE LESSONS for other science activities you can do at home.  Or check this website out for more ideas too: