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Please Note:

To minimise printing and paper waste, we have made some tasks available to download, complete and email back to your teacher if you have Microsoft Word, or Adobe Reader


The main Writing tasks and outcomes are supported by a 'Success Criteria' - this will help grown-ups guide their learner towards an achievable goal. Please ask if you would like more information on how to use these.

Summer Term 1 Learning

The following tasks are taken from our Year 3 Summer 1 Learning Packs which can be downloaded from HERE.


Some of these tasks can be edited online (e-doc) and returned to your Class Teacher via email.


Read Stone Age Boy by Sotoshi Kitamura with Lily or Listen to Stone Age Boy read by Vance.

Up-level the punctuation errors by writing out the sentences correctly!

1. my brother’s dog is called tess
2. on sunday she went to the park
3. the titanic sank in 1912
4. toby and mark are going to spain in march
5. martha took her children to the zoo yesterday
6. when i go to the shop i will get some crisps
7. sameera and i are going to town on friday
8. did you sell buns at the fair
9. my mum has a cat he is called tom
10. have you got a dress for the prom

Complete the 'Starting a Story' writing tasks using the success criteria to help you.

Read 'How to write a good story' and create a character that ends up the Stone Age.


Steps for Writing a Character Profile:

1 Think of a name for your character.
2 Write some words and phrases to describe what the character looks like.
3 Next, write some words or phrases that describe the character's personality.
4 Write down what your character does in the story.
5 Explain what happens in your story to make your character's life, personality or appearance change.
6 Write how your character changes in the story.


Read the Stone Age Boy story again and create a Story Mountain using the story to help you.

Plan your own version of Stone Age Boy using the character you created and record your ideas on a story mountain.

Extended Writing: Write your Stone Age Boy story using your planning and the Stone Age and Adventure Vocabulary lists.

Message from your Teachers


That's it for these two weeks!  Plenty to do, but don't forget, we are just one email away!


Have fun!


Mr Broom & Mr Fischer