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Wing it is another animation in the 'Steam punk' genre, with a difference.  It could have been placed in the sci-fi shed.  This animation is set in 1893 and we first meet our hero, Sherman, working on his plans for a flying machine.   There are lots of visual clues which show us when the film is set.

All seems pretty straightforward until we see some strange creatures spying on Sherman.  As the story moves on it seems that Aliens were responsible for all major inventions throughout history.   The aliens implant Sherman with the knowledge to create his flying machine.  His perseverance was worth it in the end! 

There are a variety of writing tasks that can be inspired by this animation.

1)Children could 'invent' their own flying machine and label their diagram before writing instructions on how it works.
2) Write the dialogue between the aliens, incorporating character action as well as speech.
3) Write a description of his machine, of his workshop or one of the aliens.
4) Children could write a non-chronological report about famous inventions or a biography of a famous inventor.
5) Children could rewrite the story as a recount from Sherman's point of view or from the alien's point of view.
6) Children could write a newspaper story about the great 'flying machine' and Sherman, inspired by the image at the end of the animation.