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What is it like to attend our school?

As a staff, we spent some time on one of our previous INSET days looking at what it's like for children and adults to attend our school, and our thoughts are below. This sums up what  we believe it's like to be part of our school community.


'Chickerell Primary Academy is a warm and caring school to work at, where well- being and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of the children’s attitudes to their learning and our 6 key learning skills permeate throughout. We have high expectations of all our children and their natural curiosity is fostered through an exciting, challenging and relevant curriculum. All adults who work here enjoy being part of a supportive family, providing a nurturing environment and a caring atmosphere permeates the school- with a buzz and love of learning. We are always encouraged to help all children reach their highest potential, and there is a sense of pride from staff that they feel they belong and their opinions are valued.

Children at our school feel safe and secure. They have positive relationships with the adults and each other, and they are confident that, if they have an issue, it will be dealt with effectively. They know they can talk freely about their feelings with someone who cares about them. They tell us that teachers make learning fun, and that they are challenged to do their best, and that they enjoy all of the extra activities and opportunities that the adults provide. They know it’s right to be kind and respect each other, and that they are allowed to be different. Children here know they are valued and that they will get support whenever they need it.'