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VE Day - week 3

WW2 v Lockdown

Bobby's VE Day Project - FABULOUS WORK :-)

My Great Grandad, who served as a bomber & a pilot during the WW2.

VE Day Street Party (at a distance)

Celebrating VE Day from safety of the home

Learning more about VE DAY

Along with the VE day celebrations we watched the clips on rationing, and related it in a modern day context. This was when Abigail was asked what was happening in the shops at the beginning of the Corona virus lockdown. Abigail answered about things like pasta, tinned food, bread, eggs toilet paper etc.
We saw videos about people telling their stories of life during the war. We also managed to relate the stories about allotments to our own vegetables and herbs we are growing. Abigail helped add more compost and water's them regularly.
I got hold of the Morse code alphabet and got Abigail to speak to her Grandad about how it worked, as he was a Signaller when he was in the Royal Marines. Abi wrote out a coded message to her Nan, and her Nan had to decode the message and send the reply.
Abigail has also learnt about how to read a map. She learnt about map symbols. How to get a four figure and six figure grid reference. And how much each grid square represents. She learnt about the points of a compass and answered questions about four and 8 point compasses.  As well as this, Abigail also learnt how to measure distance on a map. First roughly using the grid squares, then using a bit of string to measure "as the crow flies" and using a bit of paper to measure along a road or path marking each turn. Then using the distance scale to find the distance. Abigail was able to answer questions on why it's important to know the distance to places.

Jack has written his own VC text with comprehension questions AND answers so you can self-mark