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Summer Term 1 Learning

The following tasks are taken from our Year 3 Summer 1 Learning Packs which can be downloaded from HERE.


Some of these tasks can be edited online (e-doc) and returned to your Class Teacher via email.

Through the Ages

Our Summer Topic covers prehistory through to the Norman Conquest!


We start with discovering the Palaeolithic era, moving into the Mesolithic (Middle Stone) Age, and into the Neolithic (New Stone) Age.


Our learners will investigate how early man survived, including why they travelled.  We look at how Stone Age mankind discovered new ways of doing things, like farming, to facilitate settlements in the New Stone Age; villages and forts in the Bronze Age and built fortresses and weapons in the early Iron Age.


Following are some links to videos, lessons and activities that will support your learning. Earn 20 extra House Points for each of the Follow-Up Questions by writing full answers to them in your books, or email!


Learning Resource

Follow-up Question

What was Prehistoric Britain like?

When did the Prehistoric Period end?

What was it like to live in the Stone Age? 

What is a Longbarrow?

A Day in the Life of a Stone Age Boy 

Why did Stone Age people need to move home so often?

Prehistory - Early Man Through the Ages

What is a bartering?

Stone Age Tools and Weapons

How did Early Man make tools?

How did Stone Age Man survive?

What materials did Early Man use to make clothes?

What is a Barrow?

What is the difference between a Long Barrow and a Barrow?

Bincombe Bumps

What are the names of the five types of Barrows designs?


The Paleolithic Era

Learn about the first stage of our prehistory, Paleolithic...


Design and Make a Stone Age Weapon

1 Research stone age tools and weapons to understand how simple the materials were and how they were created.
2 Choose the materials you want and draw your design on the design sheet.
3 When you’re choosing a stone, look for particular features. A heavy stone would be good for grinding; a small hard round stone would be good for use in a slingshot; and a flat edge might be useful for cutting.
4 Do you need to use wood to create a handle? Is the wood strong enough?
5 You could use cardboard instead of stone and shape it to represent the flint used in spears and arrows.
6 How will you attach your materials? Stone age people would have used plant fibres or sinew from animal carcasses, but you can use string to join materials. Make sure you have tied them securely.


Stone Age Survival Task

Have you got what it takes to survive without some good home cooking? 

See if you can find the types of food Stone Age Man would have eaten.

Ask your grown-up to download the task sheet!

Stone Age Homes Task

What do you know about Stone Age Homes?

With your grown-up, find out what type of homes early people lived in and what materials they were made from. Read the FactFile, answer the questions and then send your completed work back to your teacher via the Class Email links.

Stone Age Recipe Task

What did people living in the Stone Age eat?

Find out as much as you can by reading the FactFile, and then try making this Stewed Fruit Recipe with your grown-up!

Stone Age Stewed Fruit Rcipe

Task Resources