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Please Note:

To minimise printing and paper waste, we have made some tasks available to download, complete and email back to your teacher if you have Microsoft Word, or Adobe Reader

Summer Term 1 Learning

The following tasks are taken from our Year 3 Summer 1 Learning Packs which can be downloaded from HERE.


Some of these tasks can be edited online (e-doc) and returned to your Class Teacher via email.

Week 3 & 4 Tasks


If you are working in an exercise book, or on paper, you can try these tasks: Don't forget to write the date and headings, and underline them, please!


Spelling Test 


Ask a grown up to test you on the Year 3/4 Spelling and Full word lists.

Tricky Words!


Look at these words, find and write down the correct spellings,

Suffixes: -tion, -sion or -ssion?


In your books, write out the following words adding the correct ending:

confess conclude
discuss confuse
admit complete
transmit obstruct
adopt explode
accidentally accidentaly acidentally
potatos patatoes potatoes
women wommen wimin
strainge straynge strange
heart haert hart
cercle circle sercle
beleive believe beleave
Febuary Febrary February
medicine medisene medicene
therfore therefore theirfour
remember rememba remmembe
knowlege knowledge noledge
norty nauty naughty
qarter quarter qwarter
brethe breave breathe


sh, ch or k?


The letters ‘ch’ make three different sounds:

/ch/ – chocolate, /sh/ –machine and /k/ – echo.

The /sh/ sound is usually found in French words
that we use, for example,chef.

chorus chair brochure chemist
technical much chute branch
quiche crochet church ricochet
monarch architect orchid ache
chandelier chivalry cheek broach

Sort the above words into three columns according to what the 'ch' sounds like /k/, /sh/, /ch/



Try the activities below for each of this week’s words:

This Week's Words


accident actual address answer appear
1. Write the definition of the word 2. Clap out and write down the syllables of the word
3. From the list below, find and write down one word that means the same. 4. Write your own sentence containing the word.
5. Play hangman using words from the list below. 6. Find out, using a dictionary, which word class your word belongs to.


Word List

odorous malleable mystery seen
respond ancient forgotten unique
benign forged bespoke genuine
happenstance suspicious redirect place