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Summer Term 1 Learning

Since we have covered all topics within the Year 3 Curriculum for Science, it is time to revisit previous learning and do lots of practical experiments!  However, due to us not being in school, this a little trickier than usual.


Our suggestion, therefore, would be to use the following websites to research information and play games to secure your knowledge.


You only need to explore plants, animals (including humans), forces and magnets, light, and rocks.


The websites below include informative texts, videos, interactive games and ideas for practical experiments (only do these at home if you have the resources and under adult supervision).


Home Learning Support in Science


Remind yourself about the different parts of plants and how they grow

The Human Body

Revisit Skeletons, Bones and Muscles, Keeping Healthy and Teeth


Investigate types of forces, including magnets

Light and Sound

Find out how Light and Sound travels

Materials: Rocks

Discover more about Rocks and Fossils and how they are formed


Activities for Home Learning

Plants and Animals

Learn about plants & animals as you spot them in an outdoor scene, discover more about where plants and animals live

How Plants Grow

Use heat & water to see if you can make the plant grow to a healthy size

Skeletons and Bones

Learn about the skeletons of things such as an insect, fish, horse or human

Keeping Healthy

Discover how different exercises can affect your heart rate and keep you healthy


Find out what different animals eat and how it affects the size and shape of their teeth



Once you have completed enough research from the above lists, choose from the Online Quizzes here.


You can take these tests as many times as you like.


There are some really tough questions, so you may not achieve 100% straight away.   Don't be discouraged, just take the test again until you get a score of 75% or higher. 


Once you are happy with your amazing Science knowledge, complete the eDocument listed in the Resources section below and return to your Class Teacher.

Online Quizzes

 Life, Energy and Skeletons

Forces Part 1

Quiz eDoc

Forces Part 2

Quiz eDoc

Plants Part 1

Quiz eDoc

Forces Part 3 

Plants Part 2

Quiz eDoc


Quiz eDoc

Plants Part 3

Quiz eDoc

Light Part 1

Quiz eDoc

Humans Part 1 & 2

Quiz 1 eDoc    Quiz 2 eDoc

Light Part 2

Quiz eDoc

Humans Part 3

Quiz eDoc