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Riddle Me!

Hey diddle diddle, time for a riddle!

Hello Year 4,


I thought I'd upload some riddles for you to solve. The following riddles are ones which I've made up myself so don't waste your time trying to Google them .


Send me your answers via email and I'll award you 5 house points for each correct answer. 




Mr Broom


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Round 1


1. I live in a cylinder house with my multicoloured friends and am very intelligent. Yum!

2. I can't help but over take my friend when I'm travelling around in a circle. I do it 24 times a day.

3. Too often people stare at me because I'm so interesting. Years ago you couldn't even leave the room with me. 


Round 2


1. I’m usually found hanging around, though sometimes I prefer a pocket.  For me to work you have to turn.

2. Every day I stand around not doing much, not until night time anyway. Long and thin and a current within.

3. When you use me, I make it go up. When you stop, it falls back down, or does nothing at all. I would make an excellent pea shooter.

Round 3


1. You can find me on the ground, all around, in street, and in your town. I have big metal bars and love to drink. What am I?

2. I come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes I’m rough and sometimes I’m smooth. Years ago, I would have been a lot bigger but getting thrashed around has slowly worn me down. Where we live there are billions of them. What am I?

3. Rectangular, circular or even an arch. A doorway, but not for you or I. I’m usually opened by it’s head pushing against me. What am I?