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Letters from the Head Boy and Head Girl to Miss Harris about returning to school post lockdowns


By Sennen Willsher - Head Boy

Initially, coming back to Chickerell Primary Academy wasn’t that tough. The first couple of   weeks was tiring because of getting back into the routine of school life and having to wake up earlier. But by half term, I was ready for a break at home and plenty of lie ins!

The bonus of returning to school is that I can play and talk about things with my friends. This is my favourite bit about coming to school. It gives me the opportunity to play with my best friend and everyone else in my class. My  teacher, Miss Hulland, has helped me settle in after Lockdown. I am relieved she teaches us well and is lots of fun as this helps me to learn in a happy environment.  Miss Hulland has inspired me to go to Japan and learn Japanese – I really like the language and their culture and their cartoons!

Becoming Head Boy is a massive honour and an opportunity for me to be an ambassador to the school and being a role model to other students. I am sad that because of COVID, after school activities such as media, colouring club and other fun activities have ceased. I am also gutted that I don’t get to be a buddy especially as my sister, Darcie, has started Reception this year.

All in all, I am so pleased to be back at school to be able to continue my learning in preparation for Year 7.




By Elise Laura Guyett - Head Girl

At my school – Chickerell Primary Academy – we have all learnt to adapt to the new restrictions of the current outbreak of coronavirus.  We enter and leave the school at staggered times; hand sanitise whenever we can and our staff all wear masks when moving around the building. We also stay within our class bubbles, which I quite enjoy because I love my class and my teacher – Miss Simmonds.  Mr Neil (our caretaker) has divided the school field into pens, so that we can stay apart from other classes at break times.  These are just a few of the things that we are doing to make sure we are following the rules of this erratic pandemic.

Personally, I would rather follow these rules and enjoy being at school to see my friends and be educated by my teacher than to not follow the rules and have to stay at home. Home learning is definitely harder because there are many distractions, and it is hard to concentrate on lessons.

So far, we have had only one case of coronavirus which I think is a brilliant achievement as most schools in our local area have had to close due to many cases.  I think this is because everybody has followed the restrictions well, that is including the wonderful staff here at Chickerell Primary Academy.  Where every child – all different in their own ways – come to grow in all of their abilities.