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Dear parents,

As you may be aware from the  Dorset Echo news this morning, Dorset has it's first confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Although this is not surprising,it does mean that we need to perhaps consider a few thing moving forwards. 


Firstly, planned  school trips for the foreseeable future. We will always communicate closely with wherever we are intending to visit to decide if these should still take place and make a sensible decision based on all information available at that time.

Secondly, public exams such as SATS for Yr 6, we anticipate that these will still go ahead but again will take all appropriate advice and guidance nearer the time.

Thirdly, we will, if necessary , look to limit where we meet as a school 'en masse'- eg assemblies, to assist in keeping the pupils as healthy as possible .


In the meantime, can we urge you again to really impress on your child the need to wash their hands  very regularly, mainly before school, before and after meals, after using the bathroom, on their return from school. We are struggling to get hand sanitiser from our normal suppliers due to the shortages, so if you wish to send your child to school with some, that would be absolutely fine.


In addition to the daily clean,the school is due to be thoroughly deep cleaned at the end of this half term,  and be rest assured that we will continue to take heed of all national advice on this issue.