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DAILY Reading Comprehension & VIPERS

Each week, five new reading comprehensions will be uploaded.

You still only need to complete one of these for each day of home learning.


These can still be used if you haven't read and answered the questions yet.

21.5.2020 Dua Lipa VIPERS text and questions

18.5.2020 Unicorn Valley Text and questions

15.5.2020 UFO sighting text and questions 60 sec read

14.5.2020 super hero facts text and questions

13.5.2020 Rollercoasters text and questions

Robot revenge text 60 sec read and questions

11.5.2020 Magic Potion 60 sec read and questions

7.5.2020 VE Day Text and VIPERS

Jack has written his own text called VC Day - along with comprehension questions and answers (would be lovely if this was true)

6.5.2020 Tom Moore text and VIPERS

5.5.2020 Michael Morpurgo text and VIPERS

4.5.2020 Donkey Sanctuary Text & VIPERS qustions

1.5.2020 VE Day text and comprehension questions

30.4.2020 Help! Text and Questions

29.4.2020 The Ultimate Jungle Survival Text & questions

28.04.2020 People of the Rainforest text and questions

27.4.2020 metamorphosis Text and Questions

27.4.2020 metamorphosis answers

23.4.2020 - Life Cycle of a flower questions

answers life cycle of flower

22.04.2020 - Layers of the Rainforest - Text and Questions

Layers of the Rainforest answers

21.4.2020 Help I'm stuck Text and Questions

Help I'm stuck answers

Reading Comprehension 20.4.202 Gary's Big Adventure

Gary's Big Adventure answers

Guided Reading: Durdle Door

Guided Reading: Brownsea Island

Guided Reading: The Quokka