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Good Job Awards

Summer 2 2022


Thursday 23rd June


5DH: Reilly and Mollie-Ann

Friday 17th June

5SWa: Adam and Frank

5DH: Ethan and Belle

Friday 10th June

5SWa: Seth and Matthew

5DH: Maison and Ruby

Summer 1 2022

Friday 27th May


5DH: Holly and Jackson


Friday 20th May 

5SWa: Joshy and Jaxon

5DH: Daisy and Ellis

Friday 13th May

5SWa: Harley and Amelia-Rose

5DH: Lacey and Jacob

Friday 6th May

5SWa: Lilah and Riley

5DH: Ethan and Mollie

Friday 29th April

5SWa: Riley and Cian

5DH: Maison and Reilly

Spring 2 2022

Friday 8th April


5DH: Lacey and Cory


Friday 25th March

5SWa: Lexie and Toby

5DH: Jackson, Olivia J, Jacob and Reilly

Friday 18th March

5SWa: Frank and Jorja

5DH: Belle and Cory

Friday 11th March

5SWa: Oliver and Sophia

5DH: Korbyn, Jack and Miya

Friday 4th March

5SWa: Noah and Luca

5DH: Ellis, Jacob and Korbyn

Spring 1


Thursday 17th February

5SWa: Olivia and Monty

5DH: Jacob and Korbyn

Friday 11th February

5SWa: Lexie and Isobel

5DH: Dexter, Daisy and Olivia W

Friday 4th February

5SWa: Brooke and Matthew

5DH: Belle and Ava

Friday 28th January

5SWa: Rose and Aimee

5DH: Korbyn and Ethan

Friday 21st January

5SWa: Abigail and Adam

5DH: Freddie and Ruby

Friday 14th January

5SWa: Seth and Riley

5DH: Jack and Jackson


Friday 7th January

5SWa: Jorja and Joshy

5DH: Ellis and Mollie-Ann


Autumn 2


Friday 17th December


5DH: Ethan and Olivia W


Friday 10th December

5SWa: Sophia and Cian

5DH: Ellis and Mollie-Ann

Friday 3rd December

5SWa: Ben and Aimee

5DH: Jack and Miya

Friday 26th November

5SWa: Frank and Lexie

5DH: Korbyn and Jack


Friday 19th November

5SWa: Harley and Amelia-Rose

5DH: Belle and Holly


Friday 12th November


5DH: Olivia J. and Rio


Friday 5th November

5SWa: Oliver and Freddie

5DH: Korbyn and Cameron