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1.  If i won a million pounds,  i would buy a Farm 


2.  I think it would take 72 hours to fly once around the world 


3.  When i am older i would like to work on a farm or work with animals 


4. My ideal pet is a horse 


5.  If i could be any animal, i would be a horse because they are my favourite animal and because they are beautiful creatures 


6. Yes i could live without a Computer 


7.  If there was one rule i could change in my family house ,it would be to be allowed to sleep with my dog Buddy 


8. If i could have a superpower it would be able to move things 


9. To save the planet i would stop all hunting and no plastic 


10. If i could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be carrot cake 


11.  I think a house costs around 350,000 


12.  Because everybody has feelings and you should treat people the way you would like to be treated 


13.  Love is a feeling that you feel very deeply and when you could not be without someone 


14. My biggest fear is Spiders 


15)  Family and Friends is important to me and animals