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Autumn 1

AUTUMN 1: Weeks 1 - 7

The Workshop (D&T)

The Surgery (PSHE)

The Lab (STEM)

Make a representation of a volcano:

2D, 3D, labelled diagram.

Roman diet

How would you escape the volcano?

What would you take with you in your escape?

What feelings might you have?

Track Tranio’s feelings through the story – how do they change?

What questions would you ask Tranio?

What could we say to Tranio to comfort him?

What might happen once you have escaped? Where would you go? How would you live?

Volcanic eruptions / measure (maths)


Animals and Habitats:

Food chains, webs and classification




Descriptive writing (Noun Phrases)

Leaflet on volcano/Pompeii

Diary Entry

Escape from Pompeii narrative

Newspaper Report


News Report

Height/scale comparison of known volcanoes vs known landmarks eg Empire State/Big Ben/ Eiffel Tower etc


Roman numerals – ‘Knucklebones’

The Hub (Geography/history)


The Gallery (art)

European maps

Identify volcanoes around the globe. Locate Mount Vesuvius in an atlas.

Are volcanoes still a threat? How do they affect us today?

Compare asylum seekers/homelessness/immigrants to survivors of Pompeii.

Research of volcanoes


Digital Mosaics


TV News Broadcast

Design and create Mosaics


Design and make Roman Shields

Check out our Class Photo Album!

Pompeii - 79AD


As part of our learning journey "Through the Ages", Year 4 have been investigating the Romans.  We have started with the eruption of Pompeii, using Christina Balit's story Escape From Pompeii as our inspiration.



We have read this as a class, identifying and using some wonderful new vocabulary, and applying our new skills to different forms of written work and art. We have learned about writing Newspaper Reports, made a fact-file about the event and even written scripts which we performed and recorded as TV News Broadcasts. 


As part of our investigation into everyday Roman life, we noticed that mosaics were used to decorate homes, much in the way we use tiles today.  Our class started with stones and cubes, moving on to symmetrical and abstract designs. 

Starting point

Mollie-Ann's designs

Louie's idea

Mollie-Ann's design manipulated digitally

Louie's repeating pattern

We will continue to develop our ideas into the next half-term!

Examples of our fact-files about Pompeii

Roman Empire TV News!


Follow our special SPQR News Bulletins as they report on the catastrophe wrought by the "Great Protector", Mt. Vesuvius. Watch them below to see the outcome of our students working so hard to research, script, rehearse and perform their own work.

SPQR News with Aurelia Argentia

Still image for this video

SPQR News with Clavius Classicus

Still image for this video

SPQR News with Felix Catius

Still image for this video

SPQR News with Giacomo Smithius

Still image for this video

SPQR News with Maia Mariana

Still image for this video

SPQR News with Aurelia Maxima

Still image for this video

SPQR News with Reah Claudius

Still image for this video