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Summer 2: Week 6

6DH Stars of the Year

Our Memory Scrapbooks

Summer 2: Week 4

Computing: guiding our own research on the topic of the Euros 2020

Summer 2: Week 3

Summer 2: Week 2

Some of our beautiful Japanese cherry blossom art work

Creating Japanese cherry blossom tree scenes

Summer 2: Week 1

Role-playing a possible scene from Kensuke's Kingdom: Michael's Mum and Dad discovering he is missing from the boat

Summer 1: Week 6

The results of our mummified tomatoes experiment

Results of our mouldy bread experiment

Creating classification keys in science to sort sweets

Finished scarab beetle amulets

Bouncy ball mindfulness in the sunshine

Summer 1: Week 5

Painting our clay scarab beetles

Discussing relationships in JIGSAW

A new science experiment: which conditions do mould need to grow on bread?

Using geography and computing skills to locate places from Michael's sailing journey in Kensuke's Kingdom

Making clay scarab beetle amulets

Summer 1: Week 4

Art and DT: making and decorating an Egyptian sarcophagus, complete with mummies and curses! Beware those who dare to open...

Pyjamarama Day! Thank you so much for your donations.

Interviewing Howard Carter

20-day check on our mummified tomatoes

Summer 1: Week 3

Stormbreak mindfulness: Sun, Moon and Stars

Summer 1: Week 2

10-day check on our mummified tomatoes

Drama role-play: interrogating possible eyewitnesses to Tutankhamun's death

Summer 1: Week 1

Using our research skills to learn more about how the ancient Egyptian pyramids were built

Spring 2: Week 5

Spring 2: Week 4

Ballet with Ruby - good toes everybody!

Giving instructions

Spring 2: Week 3

Working collaboratively to prepare a short performance of a scene from 'The Tempest'

Science: classification of living things

Shakespeare drama activity: creating character statues based on Ariel, Prospero, Caliban and Sycorax

Spring 2: Week 2

Getting to grips with percentages, fractions and decimals

Stormbreak activity: classroom rockstars using body percussion

Welcome back 6DH: Our shared breakfast

Spring 2: Week 1

Our World Book Day costumes: can you recognise the book or character?

Eve's Tom Gates doodle

Alfie's been busy!

Bunnies in the house!


Oliver C



Week 6: Japan Part 2

Abigail's experiment with hail!

Who's behind the kabuki mask?

Evie's been a busy bee!

Brody's fabulous kawaii-inspired stop-motion animation.

Still image for this video

Alfie has been busy!

Alfie's kawaii animation

Still image for this video

Getting to grips with spellings and statistics

Very special family time

Among Us creativity

A muddy walk is so good for the soul!

Mystery-themed reading and maths