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Week 4

Hello from Miss Hulland

Still image for this video

Spelling and reading practice

Getting to grips with geometry and fractions and those Little (!) 2-D shapes!

Learning is better when it's shared

Circus-themed work

And for my next trick...

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Who might live in a house like this?

Welcome to the circus!

Week 3

Bread making - will it be a Little loaf?

Japanese origami and anime artwork

Sweetie sushi - just genius!

Sunday baking

Japanese ramen cuisine homestyle! Mmmm, oishi (delicious!)

All-important family time and mindfulness

Art work inspired by Yayoi Kusama

Geography of Japan

'Yayoi Kusama From Here to Infinity' tasks and activities

Ruby's Yayoi English work

Origami paper cranes

Spelling practice

Japan-themed reading comprehension

Daily morning tasks

Maths: 2-D and 3-D shapes

Japanese-themed mindfulness

Impressive chopstick work at sushi o'clock!

Week 2

Hello from Miss Hulland

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Maths activities

Spelling practice

Keeping the home learning activities varied and fun!

Jabberwocky tasks

Morning tasks

When Miss Hulland became the Mad Hatter! World Book Day, Hong Kong, 5.3.15

Week 1

Research and present information about a real-life highway robber

Everyone needs a donkey!

Highwayman art

Learning is better together!

Quality sibling time! (And the cakes look yumskis!)

Creative time

Getting to grips with fractions! Hooray!

Making a school tie for our newest class member: Fiolaki the dancing donkey!

Mmmm! Something's smelling good in the kitchen!

When you can combine home learning with birthday fun! Happy birthday to you!

Enjoying some tech time!

Write a letter as a character to another character from The Highwayman