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Summer 2

Week 8

In P.E. this week, we practised accurate ball rolling, throwing and catching, ready to apply to rounders and cricket.

For our new Groundbreaking Greeks history topic, we have been researching artefacts found in ancient Greece and dating them chronologically on timelines.

Week 7

This week in maths we've been learning how to measure and draw angles using protractors.

Week 6

Well done, Miya, for capturing these wonderful photos of our class Boy Band. Stars in the making!

Summer 1

Week 5

Our whole school rendition of our National Anthem.

We enjoyed reading 'The Queen's Knickers' and had a class competition to design our own for the Queen's Jubilee!

We celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by wearing red, white and blue.

For our Jubilee celebrations, we ran a Golden Mile and were awarded commemorative medals for our efforts.

Week 4

We checked our sunflower seeds after 11 days to see if they had germinated.

Week 3

We researched different plant reproductive structures and illustrated them

Week 2

We celebrated the Mayor's Green Day on Friday 6th May. Year 5 enjoyed our visit from the Chairperson of Chickerell Allotment Association, Mrs Pinder. She told us about the organisation and how the allotments are governed. She then showed us how to plant a sunflower seed and everyone in Year 5 planted one each. May the Year 5 sunflower growing competition begin!

In R.E., we have been learning about the Jewish Passover celebration, Moses and the ten plagues of Egypt.

Week 1

We played a word game to identify different word classes.

We had a visit from the Online Safety Officer who talked to us about how to stay safe online.

Spring 2

Week 13

5DH were invited by 3KC to teach them how to use a photo editing app. Some shelltastic digital art work!

More watercress, spinach and rocket art

We have been learning about how watercress is farmed in guided reading. We then tasted it and used it as a subject for our still life drawing skills.

After creating food chains and webs, we found out what related key scientific vocabulary means.

We are learning about food chains and webs in science and geography. We worked collaboratively to consider how certain plants and animals could be linked.

Week 12

More band practice

More simply stunning art works - fantastic forage art

Our finished forage digital art

Forage Art using a photo editing app and website

Week 11

Sketching in the sunshine

Week 10

Boy Band Practice photographed by Miya

We added red noses to our gingerbread people.

We celebrated Comic Relief's Red Nose Day by supporting the Ukraine in the colours of their flag.

Week 9

During our walk to the swimming pool, we pass Chickerell allotments - an aspect of our new geography topic, 'Sow, Grow and Farm.'

Linking our history topic and Scratch computer coding


Week 8

Our new class boy band: their first practice at school.

Happy World Book Day 2022 from 5DH!

We listened to one of Miss Hulland's favourite stories - 'Willy the Wimp' - and discussed the importance of being ourselves.

We enjoyed listening to this year's World Book Day authors and illustrators sharing their special books with us.

Our brilliantly creative story in a jar for World Book Day 2022

Linking our Scratch coding and programming project to our Earth and Space unit in Science

Creating landscape art using our own choice of media

Week 7

Huge congratulations to 5DH's newly-appointed Science Ambassadors!

Wacky Hair Day, 17.2.22

Mollie-Ann's Litter Squad strike again!

Applying our 'Tints, Tones and Shades' skills to creating landscape art.