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While you're not at school, I'm busy trying to find ways to safely stay in touch online.  If you have access to the internet, every now and then, I may set you a challenge for you to complete. Your responses can be shared here.


Below I have posted some work that grown-ups have sent in letting me know it's okay to share with everyone here.


Please remember to Care About Sharing, never sharing anything that you wouldn't post on your front door!



Stay Safe. Stay Connected.


Mr Fischer, Mrs Capaldi & Mrs Whapshot

Join us in Hive Games from Monday to Friday on Spelling Shed:


Time Team Words
10.45 Warm-Up 20
11.00 Blue 20
11.15 Green 20
11.30 Yellow & Orange 20
11.45 Red 15


Join your Spelling Team at the above time and have a go!


See you there!

Class Challenge 5

I set a challenge for the class the week of the 18th May because I hadn't heard any students reading to me in the longest time! 


TASK: I want to hear you reading out loud this week, so the challenge is to record your voice reading the "Stone Age Boy" story. Send the finished voice recording back to me to edit into your very own Book Reading or just to post online! Check out the examples HERE and HERE. Links to these examples are also on our Writing Page.


Have a look below at the awesome responses I received! I am super-proud of my boys and girls! Thank you for accepting the challenges and doing so well!


Have you completed this week's challenge yet?

How's it done?

I use editing software to split the audio so that I can match it to the video.  Afterwards, I combine the two tracks into the digital video which you see below.


Smooth-talking Storyteller

Still image for this video
Thanks to Dexter for this reading of Stone Age Boy. You've gone and earned yourself another 50 House Points!

Classy Read

Still image for this video
And here is the first entry reading Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. Such varied expression and great use of pauses to add effect! This awesome job wins Belle 50 House Points!

Class Challenge 4


As last week's challenge was really tough, the week beginning 11th May, I set one that was a lot more achievable and fun that grown-ups could get involved with too!


Most of you have some toys at home, so some of you built a set and used them to make their very own movie!


TASK: Create a Stop Motion Animation story using toys and objects from around your home. Check out a video HERE!

Prison Break

Still image for this video
Here's the latest action movie to come from Dexter Studios starring the all-new anti-hero, "Johnny B. Bad"! Don't forget your popcorn and soda! 50 House Points for this awesome contribution!

On the Buses

Still image for this video
Will Harry find a way to get to school on time? Watch this special episode to find out! Thanks to Belle for sending this in and there's 50 House Points for you!

Scary Movie

Still image for this video
This is a nail-biter of a movie from another 3JF Home Studio! Fortunately, it comes with a PG rating - just so your grown-ups can watch too! Don't worry, you won't need to hide behind the sofa! 50 House Points to young Director Ethan!

BAFTA Nomination

Still image for this video
This World Premiere from Clark could be up for an Oscar next year! Watch this awesome feature coming to screens near you! All from our very own, very clever class animator and Director! 50 House Points to this young man!

What Goes Up...

Still image for this video
No Superhero ever started big and it's a long climb to the top! This movie puts it into perspecive for us all! Thanks for the first submission in this week's Class Challenge. 50 House Points to Amelia!

Class Challenge 3


The week of 4th May is quite a special week, with Victory for Europe celebrations taking place across the nation on Friday. So, this week's challenge had to be related to that!


The televised evening of remembrance begins at 8pm, and at 9pm, Dame Vera Lynn will be singing her famous song, "We'll Meet Again", live from her home in Sussex. Perhaps this song is just as poignant now as it was originally with so many of us separated from our loved ones.


TASK: With your family, learn and practise the song "We'll Meet Again" and either record your voices, or film you and your family singing it.


Let's find out how many talented families we have in our class. If yours is posted here, you automatically earn 50 House Points!

Download the Lyrics Here:

Class Challenge 2


The week of 27th April, I set 3JF the following challenge! I hope to find out how many aspiring magicians we have in our class. If yours is posted here, you automatically earn 50 House Points!


TASK: You'll need a grown up for this one! Teach yourself a magic trick and film it for your audience! Check out this video: HEREThere are quite a few others to choose from at Junk Drawer Magic, but I wonder if you can perfect this trick and share it on our website!


Let's see what the responses are like this time!

Number Crunching

Still image for this video
In this trick, our classmate really does do a number on her Dad! I wonder how she did it? Answers on a postcard please! Another 50 House Points for this super girl!

Ball Games Allowed

Still image for this video
Here's a clever street-magic trick from another one of our talented classmates that will keep you guessing! Please tell me how it's done! Thanks for sending this in, and don't forget your 50 House Points!

Money, Money, Money

Still image for this video
It's a rich man's world if you can perform this trick every day!

Q:Where's the answer?

Still image for this video
A: Not at the bottom of the bottle! This young lady's trick will have you guessing how it is done! Can you figure it out? 50 House Points for this marvellous magic!

Money For Nothin'...

Still image for this video
And your tricks for free! Here's another entry for this week's challenge. I really can't figure out how he's done it, but he definitely made his money work him! What can you do? Have you been practising your trick? Send it in for everyone to wonder at! That's 50 House Points straight away for this young magician!

Dexy’s Daytime Runner

Still image for this video
This magic star shows us his awesome trick. Can you spot how it was done? I certainly can't! Let's hope he gets back in time for tea! Don't forget your 50 House Points!

Later That Day...

Still image for this video
What a comeback! I thought it was curtains for that lad, but he's done it again! Thanks to his grown-ups for helping out and giving us all something awesome to wonder at. Another 50 House Points! What a wizard!

Class Challenge 1


The week beginning 20th April, I set a challenge:


TASK: Ask your grown-up to show you how to do something around the house or garden. It should be something that you haven't done before, or didn't understand how or why it is done eg the way the grass is cut; the way washing up is done in your house.


Below are some of the responses I had. They each received 50 House Points!


Have you completed this week's challenge yet?

Sew Skilled!

Still image for this video
This happy chappy has been hard at work watching his grown-up and learning fantastic new skills. I love how focussed he is. So proud of this young man!

Doing It Yourself

Still image for this video
This young lady helped out at home yesterday, learning about DIY skills. Are you handy with a hammer? Superb with a saw? This student earned herself 50 House Points! Didn't she DIY well?
Time for Tea?

Our classmate showed how we can all help our grown-ups take some time-out while you learners are staying at home!  Milk, no sugar please, and it's builder's tea for me! You've won yourself 50 House Points for getting published!


Now, how about some cake with that?

Taks a Tea bag Add in your sugar... And not too much milk! Don't forget to tidy up after yourself!


One Man Went To Mow...

Still image for this video
This chap hasn't passed his driving test yet, so is practising cutting the lawn with his Honda instead! Don't let go! It's so good to see so many of you learning new skills with your grown-ups. Thanks for this response, and you now have an extra 50 House Points! Well done young man!

Finger-pickin’ Good

Still image for this video
This thoughtful video was sent in response to this week's challenge. It definitely struck a chord with me. Fret not, this well-rehearsed and cleverly-shot short shares with us the new skills one of our amazing classmates has picked up. I am superimpressed! There's 50 House Points going straight to this chap!

Along Came A Spider!

Still image for this video
The latest response from this week's challenge is of a classmate working on building an insect! There's a whole bunch of learning going on here: Reading, Design & Technology and some Science too! Well done, and thanks for sending it in! Give yourself 50 House Points for getting your video published!

Tea's Made

Still image for this video
Our chap here has a very clever way of making a cuppa! I can see he's learning how to be patient as well as being able to make a brew for his grown-up! It's super-impressive how some of you are learning these wondrful life-skills! Keep it up everyone!

Some Like It Hot!

Still image for this video
So many things to worry about when you are making drinks like tea and coffee, but this student's grown-ups are standing by to help! I am so impressed that Year 3 are trying new things out. Don't forget, the more often we do something, the easier it becomes and the better at doing it we are!