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Can we stress that no flip flops or open-toed shoes should be packed, and that children will need sturdy shoes/trainers for all activities.

Girls are not to wear any tops which reveal their midriff. Girls will also need to bring hair bands if they have long hair, as for health and safety reasons hair needs to be up for the majority of activities. Please leave any jewellery at home.

It is advisable that your child helps you pack and where possible items of clothing are named. Every year we end up with a bag of lost property that no-one seems to own!

Please ensure that if children are bringing deodorant that it is a roll on and not aerosol – sprays in the enclosed area of their cabins can aggravate asthma sufferers and those children with allergies.


In poor weather conditions, the activities will continue and so it is essential that the children bring warm waterproof clothing. Clothes and shoes may also get dirty/wet during these conditions, so a spare pair of shoes is recommended. LONG sleeve tops and T-shirts that cover the shoulders are VITAL. LONG trousers are required for many activities, so please bring a few pairs.



Sleeping bag and pillow – required.

Towels, washbag, toiletries,

Deodorant (roll-on)

Suncream, sunhat

Waterproof anorak (weather dependent)


Daytime activities:

At least 3 pairs of trousers/tracksuit bottoms (not jeans)

2 pairs of shorts (knee length essential)

At least 4 T-shirts

At least 1 long sleeve top (required for some activities)

Hoody / fleece

2 x Sturdy shoes / trainers (spare pair if shoes get wet/dirty)

Socks (incl 1x thicker pair for walking)



Complete change of clothes for the evening –

Long trousers / tracksuit bottoms / jeans

Long sleeve tops / Tshirts

Hoodies / jumper / fleece

Shoes / trainers


Other items:

Waterproof coat

Nightwear – pyjamas

Underwear / socks

Small Rucksack for travelling over (incl packed lunch and water bottle)

Named purse/wallet (£5 is sufficient)

Re-fillable drinking water bottle

Bin liner or plastic bag for bringing any wet/dirty clothes home

Pencil case and notebook

Asthma inhalers


PGL Kit list what to wear and what NOT to wear