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Autumn 1 HISTORY topics are-

Reception- All about me

Year 1- The Golden Age of Pirate- were there Pirates in Dorset?

Year 2 -Medieval Britain and Castles- the fight for the English Crown

Year 3- Britain during the Second World War- How was everyday life changed?

Year 4- The Tudors- How did the Tudors change English religion forever?

Year 5- Groovy Greeks- How was the world effected by the Greeks?

Year 6- Ancient Egypt- Why was this ancient civilisation so important to the word?  


The history curriculum has five main areas of study which are covered by all year groups from year 1 to Year 6.


* Chronological understanding- knowing that there is a difference between past and present and that history can be divided into time periods. Children will be taught how to use time lines at an appropriate level for their age.


*Knowledge and understanding of past events, people and changes in the past- All children will have access to artefacts from the past and be taught how resources can help them understand what life would have been like in the past and how Britain and the whole have changed over time.


*Historical interpretation- Children will look at different written evidence from events in history to understand that different people will have their own viewpoint on the same event based on opinion.


*Historical enquiry- Children will use information books, printed sources, photographs, objects, documents, the Internet, pictures, music, artefacts to collect evidence about the past. They will ask questions about historical events and lifestyle. 


*Organisation and communication - Children will be taught to use datesand times accurately from the era they are studying using their growing historical vocabulary. They will learn to present information about the past using speaking, writing, maths, ICT, drama and drawing skills.


History Open Day-

What an amazing afternoon we had on Thursday 19th October. Thank you so much to every parent and grandparent who came in to help your children with their History activities. From Ancient Egyptian Maths to  World War 2 Propaganda posters classrooms were buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement.

In Year 1 children made hard tack biscuits, timelines of Black Bart's Life and investigated which foods would have not lasted the duration of a pirate voyage.