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Topics -

  • Reception- Animals and their habitats from around the world
  • Year 1-  Super heroes save the world
  • Year 2 -Africa
  • Year 3- Rainforests of the world
  • Year 4- Coasts
  • Year 5- Explorers
  • Year 6- Mapping Skills- Local area.


Whole School Geography 


This term the whole school curriculum focus was Geography.

Our aim was for our children to understand their place within the world, the diversity

of the landscapes and peoples, and the impact they themselves can have upon

the future of the planet.


Our Geography curriculum extends the children’s locational knowledge of their

place in the World from their immediate location within Chickerell, to the

United Kingdom, to the Continents across the World.


In each year, children built upon their knowledge of physical and human

geography. They named physical and human features and use these to describe a

location, as well as developing ways of describing how places change, and the

impact these changes can have on the location and the people who live there.

Our geography curriculum enables children to compare places according to their

features, and study some geographical features in depth such as rivers and

coasts. All of this learning builds up to studying environmental issues in greater

depth, and understanding how these affect people.


We are very lucky to live in a wonderful area, rich with opportunities for visiting

the outdoors and discovering the geographical features within our own locality.

In order to develop Geographical skills and fieldwork, we make the most of

the resources on our doorstep such as the village within which we live, the

Jurassic Coast, and statistics gathered about our local environmental issues that

could affect themselves and the people who live within their own community.

Pupils use maps, atlases and globes, and begin to create their own maps. Pupils

use grid references, symbols and keys, as well as statistics in order to learn

more about the places they are studying.