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Fortnightly Spellings

W/b 10.9.18 Words ending in –ant or -ance

observant, observance, hindrance, nuisance, distant, distance, elegant, elegance, assistant, assistance, tolerant, tolerance

W/b 24.9.18 Words ending in -cious

spacious, delicious, suspicious, conscious, ferocious, precious, gracious, atrocious, malicious, vicious, luscious, vivacious 

W/b 8.10.18 (to be tested w/e 19.10.18) Words ending in -tious

nutritious, scrumptious, ambitious, superstitious, infectious, cautious, fictitious, ostentatious, conscientious, pretentious, contentious, flirtatious

w/b 29th October (to be tested on 9th November) Words ending in -tial and -cial

official, special, social, artificial, crucial, essential, influential, confidential, potential, partial, initial, financial

w/b 12th November (to be tested on 23rd November) Words ending in suffixes where root word is unchanged

suggested, recommended, interrupted, embarrassed, corresponding, harassing, attaching, developing, louder, proudest, rougher, youngest

w/b 26.11.18 (to be tested 7th December) Adding suffixes – drop the ‘e’ (with exceptions)

achievable, bruised, privileged, queuing, rhyming, recognised, programmer, stranger, knowledgeable, noticeable, guaranteeing

w/b 7.1.19 (to be tested on 18.1.19) Adding suffixes -less, -ful, -ment, -ness, -ly and the 'change the y for an i' rule 
frequently, government, equipment, immediately, aggressiveness, happiness, laziness, occupied, identified, accompanied, breathless, fruitful

w/b 21.1.19 (to be tested 1.2.19) Double letters before adding suffixes

equipped, developing, referred, reference, preferred, preference, occurred, occurring, commit, committed, regret, regrettable

w/b 4.2.19 (to be tested 14.2 19) 'sh' sound spelt 'ti' or 'ci' 

accommodation, appreciation, communication, ancient, especially, explanation, sufficient, cautious, delicious, spacious, recommendation, pronunciation

w/b 4.3.19 (to be tested 15th March) Words ending in 'shun' sound spelt -ssion or -sion

aggressive, aggression, profess, profession, persuade, persuasion, omit, omission, admit, admission, decide, decision

w/b 18.3.19 (to be tested 29.3.19) Words with silent letters.

bruise, muscle, guarantee, queue, rhythm, rhyme, vehicle, yacht, numb, solemn, knowledge, gnarl

w/b 1st April (to be tested 26.4.19) Mixed Spelling Patterns – SATS revision
likely, sensation, crumb, probable, substance, toughest, sensibly, disobeyed, thorough, disorder, polishing, vision, previous, passion, facial, distance, washable, prey, percussion, variation
Summer Term: For the rest of term,spelling practice will focus on the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 word lists. All children have a copy. They will be tested regularly on a random selection of the words from both lists and encouraged to use lists to ensure some of these words are used in their writing and spelled correctly.