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Design and Technology

Design and Technology


DT consists of four main areas:


  • FOOD


The Reception children will be making structures in their topic A WORLD OF IMAGINATION


In their NATURE DETECTIVES topic, Year 1 focussed on structures and textiles. They learnt den building skills and looking at patterns in nature to create a textile work.


In their DINOSAUR topic Year 2, created a moving dinosaur by focussing on mechanisms.


In the WILD WEST topic Year 3 focussed on Mechanisms and Structures, building moving carts and Native American teepees.


Year 4 focussed on Food in their CHOCOLATE topic.


Year 5 made homes for animals in our school environment to link with their Science work in their topic HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER.


After their SATS Year 6 made a gift for their Reception buddy in their topic GLOVE PUPPETS.